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The Customer Relationship Management Vision: It Starts with Relationships
An alarming number of companies get on the wrong track when creating a customer relationship management (CRM) vision. Outlined here are four steps that take the

will and vision  with our clients. We will leverage these strengths and capabilities to earn the position as the trusted advisor and supplier of choice to those we serve. A draft of the new vision was tested with a number of employee groups to determine if there was employee buy-in. Employees responded positively. They were impressed that the new vision included them; they were part of the future. The new vision had traction, and the results from the initial inquiry suggested that consultants were excited about Read More
Process Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as...
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Documents related to » will and vision

Epicor's Vision and Strategy for Cloud ERP
I recently had the opportunity, during Epicor’s global customer conference, to talk with Chad Meyer, director of product marketing, and he shared with me some

will and vision  the Epicor Express Edition will continue. Current plans include introducing Epicor Express in the UK and Australia in the coming months. Epicor already offers industry editions for manufacturing and distribution, and will add a financials edition in the fourth quarter of 2012. Add-on products for document storage, handheld data collection, shipping, etc., are also now available with Epicor Express. Besides the multi-tenant solutions mentioned above, Epicor provides single-tenant SaaS solutions (Epicor Read More
Analyst / SCT Share Vision at SCT User Conference
The SCT User Conference featured industry analysts from Gartner Group, AMR Research and Meta Group each sharing its vision for the future of enterprise systems

will and vision  comprehensive picture of what will be required to compete in the not so distant future. The key message was collaboration with trading partners and how the ERP market and vendors will evolve to meet these challenges. SCT concurred with the collaboration message, painting a picture of its vision of the future for process companies with a series of collaboration announcements. For example, the iOrder product is being enhanced to permit live, interactive customer assistance. Central to the SCT vision is Read More
Extended Enterprise Vision
Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are facing new challenges and opportunities. By linking people, processes, and workflows from inside and outside your

will and vision  a result, Sage Software will expand and refine our on-demand offerings to provide customers flexible choice. Globalization Now more than ever, SMEs are rapidly expanding their global reach. Widespread and diverse markets of goods, services, and labor allow even the smallest companies to leverage opportunities for selling and outsourcing as a means to cut costs, improve service levels, and increase revenue. As a result, customers, partners, and suppliers are frequently located not just down the street or Read More
Defogging the “Mission/Vision Thing”
A company’s success depends upon its ability to make smart decisions and respond quickly in a highly volatile environment. When a company has a relevant and

will and vision  intimating how the company will look, feel and be.   Purpose, Mission & Vision lie at the pinnacle of the Organizational Context Pyramid. They are intended to establish a true north for the company as well as provide inspiration for its employees. They are relatively stable and change infrequently. They may remain intact, relevant and consistent for decades. Purpose In their book ' Jumping the Curve, Innovation and Strategic Choice in an Age of Transition ,' authors Nicholas Imparato and Oren Harari Read More
Will A Big Fish's Splash Cause Minnows' Flush Out Of The CRM Pond? Part Two: Challenges and User Recommendations
The ultimate success of Microsoft CRM will be judged by its follow-up releases. While Applix’ decision to abandon the CRM space and suddenly re-focus on BPM may

will and vision  Furthermore, all the above-mentioned will be affected in the long run, as new functionality and product maturity should make Microsoft CRM more amenable to the higher-end of the market segment opportunities. Over time and with these features in place, the product might appeal to the more sophisticated prospects as well. The ultimate success of Microsoft CRM will be judged by its follow-up releases, which should extend into marketing and filed service functionalities and into integration with MBS' Read More
Parametric Technology Corporation's Bold Vision Drives Growth and Innovation
Cooperative markets and clever strategies controlling internal developments and guiding marketing may help Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) reach

will and vision  is a stretch that will require corporate diligence and a lot of hard work on the vendor's part, along with considerable market strength and some global economic fortune. Its lofty goal equals a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12% over the next three years. But whether PTC actually achieves this milestone by 2008 is not necessarily the most important element of this bold projection. Growth and product innovation with sustained profitability is the real objective, and these are the characteristics Read More
ERP: When Transparency Becomes Tunnel Vision
The face of manufacturing is constantly changing. As enterprise resource planning (ERP) software evolves and more organizations continue to use ERP solutions

will and vision  in the organization, which will remove your blinders —and cure a nasty case of tunnel vision. Read More
Concur eWorkplace Projects Vision Onto Desktop
Concur announced a comprehensive release of its eWorkplace portal and the components for purchasing, human relations, and travel and expense management.

will and vision  effective integrated portal that will capture a significant audience in the upper mid-market and above. With the sales cycles in this market at or exceeding six months, it will be a while before the impact of this release makes itself known, but we think it will be significant, especially if Concur can show through actual engagements that interfacing eWorkplace with ERP systems can be made less and less painful. While increasing the strength of the suite through additional applications is a necessity, we Read More
How Much Will an Office 2007 and Vista Migration Hurt?
A software migration can cause pain over many months in at least three crucial areas, though it will provide long-term benefit. But with a migration assurance

will and vision  Much Will an Office 2007 and Vista Migration Hurt? A software migration can cause pain over many months in at least three crucial areas, though it will provide long-term benefit. But with a migration assurance program, you can completely avoid major pain. Find out how a rollover to Office 2007 and Vista can impact the productivity of your users, your IT staff, and your business. And learn about the steps you can take to minimize or avoid a decrease in productivity. Read More
Will 2013 Be IBS’ Comeback Year? Part 2
In part 1 of this series, we took a look at IBS, some of the challenges the company was facing, and its software offerings for the business community. To

will and vision  Program . The program will target key SIs and ISVs in major markets focused around the IBS business verticals: wholesale and distribution, automotive, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals. IBS is focusing on growth markets in South America, Canada, Europe, Russia, Africa, Japan, and key Middle-Eastern countries where we have minimal channel conflict. We continue to have a long-term relationship with IBM and will leverage our partnership to expand our reach worldwide. Our current partners are located Read More
3Com Will Route Customers to In-house Web Design Firm
Network giant 3Com has purchased an E-business web design and consulting firm.

will and vision  and Inktomi (and 3Com), will certainly benefit from both the financial backing and the sales contacts it gets from 3Com. 3Com says that the acquisition will enhance the company's capabilities to provide total, turnkey e-business solutions for customers worldwide. We doubt that IWC will become simply an add-on service that 3Com can offer to its customers. Rather, we expect to see 3Com using IWC's design and consulting services both for their own revenue-generating potential and for IWC's ability to Read More
Future Tech: Where Will ERP Be in Two Years?
Many ERP systems are deeply entrenched in organizations, and their core technologies are mature. And yet ERP is in a state of flux. The ERP system of the future

will and vision  Tech: Where Will ERP Be in Two Years? Many ERP systems are deeply entrenched in organizations, and their core technologies are mature. And yet ERP is in a state of flux. The ERP system of the future promises to be simpler, more accessible, and easier to use, shaped by trends that only recently began taking hold. Download this concise executive brief to get an expert's take on what's next for ERP, in clear, easy-to-read language. Read More

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