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Announcing Agilisys (Formerly SCT’s Process Manufacturing & Distribution Business) - Finally Fully Focused On Process Manufacturing
The new independent company will certainly benefit from having control of its own financial destiny, being able to make decisions based upon its own needs and

william sheppard  Manufacturing Featured Author - William Sheppard - June 26, 2002 Event Summary May 30, 2002 was a busy day for Agilisys . The buyout from SCT to form Agilisys was closed and they announced their new name. Formerly a division of SCT, Agilisys is now a stand-alone, private company. Agilisys was formed under ownership by Golden Gate Capital, Parallax Capital Partners and management see iProcess.sct Enters Golden Gate Opportunity ). Jim Schaper will be the company's new president and CEO effective. He claims Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » william sheppard

BLM: Buzzword Life Cycle Management
The management of buzzwords represents a significant area of improvement for both the buzzword users (BU) and the buzzword consumers (BC). Buzzword life cycle

william sheppard  (BS). About the Author William Sheppard is a well-known and respected BI who has often been called The Father of Buzzword Superiority . He has assisted many suppliers of technology create and leverage a BLP and continues to do so today. He is available as a speaker on the subject of BLM and can be reached at BSone@cox.net . Read More
Retailers Join Forces for a
Today's competitive retail landscape has lead to mega-mergers between some of the oldest retailers in the US: Kmart and Sears. Before the technical issues of

william sheppard  CFO of Sears Holdings. William C. Crowley, currently senior vice president (SVP) of finance of Kmart and a Kmart Board member will be EVP of finance and integration of Sears Holdings. Lampert, Lacy, and Lewis will join the ten-member Sears Holdings board of directors, which will include seven members of the current Kmart board and three members of the current Sears board. Sears Holdings will act as the holding company for the Sears and Kmart businesses, which will continue to operate separately under Read More
Proactive IT Managers Can Make a Difference
IT managers, under increasing pressure to align their activities and spending with the strategic objectives of the enterprise, need to find new ways to raise

william sheppard  Difference Featured Author - William R. Friend* - May 14, 2004 Introduction In the back of every CIO's mind at the time of the annual performance review are two questions: Do I run an IT shop that is aligned with the requirements of our business? and Are the IT projects we are doing generating an acceptable return on investment? In the short term, the more expedient CIO might just try to align IT results with the expectations of the CEO and assume that they are on track. However, from a strategic Read More
IQMS and IFS Going Strong (without Much Help from the Cloud)
These days when all the excitement seems to be coming from “social anything” and “cloud anything” gadgets, it is refreshing to see some tried-and-true

william sheppard  new customers that include William Grant & Sons in the food & beverage industry and Toyo Denki Seizo in the manufacturing of electrical equipment for traffic, industrial and information technology.  The competition continues to be the usual suspects: SAP , Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics , Epicor, etc.  IFS’ customers are generally in highly regulated industries, with global operations that require tight integrations to specialized third-party applications where necessary.  It is important to them that Read More
Can You Add New Life To an Old ERP System?
Getting ERP transaction data into a summarized form that is useful to knowledge workers is one way to extend the value of your ERP system. This article

william sheppard  Featured Author - * William R. Friend - October 31, 2003 Introduction Recently, TEC featured an article by Olin Thompson titled, The 'Old ERP' Dilemma: Replace or Add-on which discussed options available to companies who want to add business functionality to their Old ERP systems. Certainly, there are many options now available in new business functionality that run the gamut from Supply Chain Planning (SCP) to Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The pros and cons of replacing or adding on to Read More
To Tax and Tax Not
Taxation of Internet commerce will be a football that gets tossed around in the United States long after Superbowl 2000 is just a memory. In Singapore, however,

william sheppard  of all stripes, commentator William F. Buckley, Jr., devoted the very last edition of his long-running Firing Line show to a debate on the question The Federal Government Should Not Impose a Tax on Electronic Commerce. Conservatives such as former Representative Jack Kemp argued that E-commerce does not fundamentally hurt retail stores. Pointing to Amazon.com as an example, he suggested that since book sales are up nationwide it was not the case that online book sales would otherwise have gone to Read More
Requirement Traceability-A Tester's Approach
The value of a requirement traceability matrix is in its ability to track and monitor each requirement to be incorporated into the customer's product throughout

william sheppard  two-fold, as indicated by William E. Perry in his book Effective Methods for Software Testing ( Second Edition ): One to identify it and other to correct it. This means that once the defect passes to other stages of the SDLC, it becomes expensive to track back and identify the defect, as well as the stage in which it was born. Once the defect is found, the other aspect of the cost is the labor hours required to correct the defect while ensuring that no correct requirement is modified or lost. This Read More
A SaaS Start-up Cautionary Tale: The Makana Experience (Or: How You Can Create a Great Product and Still Hit the Wall)
Great products and a growing customer base are not enough to succeed in the SaaS ICM marketplace. Find out why Makana, a startup SaaS vendor, found it difficult

william sheppard  then joined seed investor William J. Warner, founder of Avid Technology, Inc. , and Wildfire Communications, Inc. , in backing Makana Solutions with equity financing. The money was used for product development and launch, geared to under-served small to midsized businesses (SMBs). By 2009, Makana had gained 200 customers and enough industry radar screenage to be singled out by Gartner as a “ Cool Vendor ,” for what that’s worth. Ex-CEO Liz Cobb (who was also the founder and president of Makana Read More
SSA: Evolving into systems integrator to survive
SSA's Portfolio strategy is to surround its core ERP products with best-of-breed 3rd party enterprise applications and provide system integration services and

william sheppard  replaced by former president William Stuek. Stuek attempted a few restructuring moves in order to improve SSA's ailing financial situation without success, and the Company suffered a hefty loss in 1998. In 1999, Stuek retired as chairman and CEO, and was replaced by Robert Carpenter, former president and CEO of system integrator Origin America. In the same year, SSA developed the NT version of its product in cooperation with Hewlett-Packard, and released the latest version of its principal product, Read More
Should E-Business Be Inside or Outside of IT?
All the recent management trends from Continuous Improvement to Business Process Re-engineering have had the same issue we see with E-Business. They have

william sheppard  failure. About The Author William R. Friend is a principal of WR Friend & Associates, a business process consulting firm. With over 25 years experience in the food and chemical industries, his business background includes executive positions in Supply Chain Management, Information Technology, Logistics, Production Planning, Purchasing, and Labor Relations. He is an award winning speaker and writer on topics related to the application of technology in solving enterprise-wide problems. He can be reached at Read More
Talent (Human Capital) Management and Sports? Sign Me Up, Please! - Part 1
Sure, by now most of us have heard about the importance of strategically managing talent and human capital, but how many of us are convinced that companies

william sheppard  can be found in William C. Taylor and Polly LaBarre’s acclaimed book entitled “Mavericks at Work”. Perhaps the maverick concept could also work in politics too, but let’s first discern who the real maverick is? But I digress… Anyway, for ordinary mortals, the chance to work at such a privileged company seems equal to their chance of dating a movie star. Therefore, it is easy to go back to being cynical and dismissing HCM and talent management as just the latest fads. The Need for Talent Read More
Manugistics: An Old Dog Learns New Tricks
One year ago, Manugistics appeared to be on the brink of disaster. With the help of new management and an e-business product launch, the timeworn supply chain

william sheppard  April 1997, then CEO William Gibson mused that if his company could maintain its market share, Manugistics had the potential to grow to ''close to three quarters of a billion dollars'' in revenue by 2000. Unfortunately for Manugistics, it lost much of its market share to more aggressive players in the intervening years. The close to three quarters of a billion dollar vendor is now i2 Technologies (with the recent acquisition of Aspect Development Corporation). User Recommendations Users evaluating Read More

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