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Thinking Radically about Unstructured Data: Interview with Ron Carrière, CEO of Cirilab
Being able to manage unstructured text is no longer a “nice to have,” as companies and individual users alike have to deal with increasing amounts of

wise owl  of unstructured data? Enterprise wise (risk management) for governance and the belief that analyzing will help, though there is very little return on investment (ROI) and the analysis is associated with huge expenses. For a consumer, therein lies the “knowledge nugget.” The question is, “How do I find it?” After searching, the consumer expects and deserves to find some information that is of relevance. What does Cirilab offer for people that need to handle unstructured data? We have a series of Read More...
CRM for Financial and Insurance Markets
Customer relationship management (CRM) focuses on the retention of customers by collecting data from all customer interactions with a company from all access points (by phone, mail, or Web, or&n...
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Documents related to » wise owl

Another Implementation Failure, Another Missed Learning Opportunity
In recent posts, we've learned that business software implementation failures are rampant and that the blame is all on the vendor. And though unhappy customers

wise owl  both financially and resource wise to delay deployment than risk a failure. If you have these rules, make sure you understand what went wrong and why; if you don’t, make sure you have them for the next selection and implementation project. What Not to Do The focus should be on learning something from the implementation failure, on the part of both the vendors and customers—not looking for scapegoats, which can make things even worse, as people are already discouraged by the failure. You also need to Read More...
Podcast: A Project Manager's Guide to Business Performance Management
As business performance management (BPM) has expanded into virtually all areas of business, project managers have been broadening their soft management skills

wise owl  Neil Stolovitsky and Lyndsay Wise sit down to discuss the increasing role that BPM plays within project management.     Listen to the entire 7:20 minute podcast by downloading the file, or save for later playback. This episode examines the following questions: How is business performance management (BPM) relevant to project management? How can project managers use BPM tools to address stakeholders involved in a project? What current performance management (PM) applications can be applied in the PM Read More...
MAPICS Reports Solid Profitability Despite Dismal Fiscal 1999 4% Growth
On October 27, MAPICS, Inc. reported revenues and net income for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended September 30, 1999. For fiscal 1999, total revenues

wise owl  for mid-market manufacturers) as wise and in tune with vendor recommendations in the note. However, MAPICS has yet to resolve its biggest challenge: a lack of an NT-based product, and we believe that the Company will have to attend to it within the next 9 months at the latest. Failure to do so will put MAPICS in a very difficult situation, having to rely mainly on its existing customer base for its future revenue generation. User Recommendations MAPICS' challenges do not change the views in our MAPICS Read More...
SAP - A Humble Giant From The Reality Land? Part 3: Market Impact
SAP's decision to be more open and flexible was both wise and pragmatic. SAP now can afford to compete on a component per component basis, having basically

wise owl  be, the decision was wise and pragmatic. As an illustration, TEC recently facilitated an ERP software selection for a division of a large global corporation with over 50 divisions using a plethora of diverse ERP packages (over 30 different packages deployed worldwide, with the 'winning' vendor having 4 instances of its product within the corporation). The chances of any single vendor succeeding in swaying the corporate management to adopt its product as a corporate-wide standard, even if that product Read More...
Customer Relationship Manufacturing: the Symbiosis of Sales and Manufacturing
The departments within a company are like the children in a family: the owner, chief executive officer (CEO), or any other decision maker in the company, has a

wise owl  should be avoided, a wise decision maker in a manufacturing company will know that having a favorite department is not good for the business, mainly because it will create non-constructive competition between departments, which affects productivity. Why Do They Need to Work Together? Harmony, peace, well-being, and a positive work environment? Yes, those are good reasons too; but in the end, it comes down to the fact that the two departments are more efficient when working in tandem, therefore making the Read More...
Symbian, Microsoft Try to Slap Palm Around
Palm Computing’s PalmPCs will be facing stiff competition from Microsoft and the Symbian consortium, each of which is trying to grab a large share of the

wise owl  a foothold might be wise. And as far as loyalty to Palm: plenty of people were loyal to Netscape, and WordPerfect, and VMS, and so on. User Recommendations The newly-minted PocketPC pre-announcement sounds good, but customers should wait 2-3 months before rushing out to buy one. Customers should also verify that no translation software is needed to go from desktop Word/Excel to PWord/PExcel - currently that situation is not clearly defined. One potential upside is the quantity of hardware vendors signing Read More...
Sodebo Selects DynaSys Demand Planning Solution
About a year ago, QAD made the wise and relatively inexpensive acquisition of DynaSys in France for sales and operations planning (S@OP), procurement planning

wise owl  year ago, QAD made the wise and relatively inexpensive acquisition of DynaSy s in France for sales and operations planning (S&OP), procurement planning, production planning, distribution planning, demand planning, strategic network planning, and inventory optimization capabilities. Strasbourg is now a supply chain management (SCM) competence center for QAD, as DynaSys has 27 years of experience and several million (USD) in revenues. About 20 percent of its customers are joint with QAD. QAD can now Read More...
Concur Gives Up The Boast
Concur Technologies dreamed of going mano a mano with Ariba and Commerce One. However, announcing the details of its new operating plan in the report of a

wise owl  although it might be wise to get some hard answers about the company's commitment to their particular licensed product given its drive toward a largely ASP model. Concur is still a technically strong company with real core competencies. However, with current assets higher than the market value, the company is clearly a takeover target. At this point, having jettisoned its weakest product, the company is more likely than not to stick with the others, even if acquired. But there's no guarantee. Therefore, Read More...
Network Security Best Practices: Competitive Analysis
When it comes to security architecture, choosing a system that’s scalable and applicable to a broad set of security needs is a wise move. New security services

wise owl  network security,network security best practices,computer network security,network security assessment,network security basics,network security business,network security companies,network security definition Read More...
Can You Afford Not to Invest in Usability?
I’m in the productivity business. At some level, we all are. We’d like to think that whatever solution we’re selling or service we’re providing will offer a

wise owl  huge gains to those wise companies seeking the benefits that improvements in employee productivity can provide. One sales organization I worked with added “fax from computer” capabilities and immediately saved every sales person 30 minutes of work a day—30 minutes that could be used to make another sales call or to go home to see their family on time instead of having to work overtime—either way, the company was ahead. The business only needed to sell one extra machine to pay for the solution Read More...
BPM Showdown! Oracle's Hyperion System 9 vs. OutlookSoft vs. Cartesis Suite
I'm Lyndsay Wise, senior research analyst at Technology Evaluation Centers. Welcome to another in TEC's series of enterprise software Showdowns. Today's

wise owl  Cartesis Suite I'm Lyndsay Wise, senior research analyst at Technology Evaluation Centers. Welcome to another in TEC's series of enterprise software Showdowns. Today's Showdown pits three of the top business performance management (BPM) vendors against each other in a head-to-head contest: Hyperion System 9 vs. OutlookSoft vs. Cartesis Suite! We hope you find this Showdown helpful and informative, and invite your comments and questions at showdown@technologyevaluation.com . Introduction Business Read More...
SAP - A Humble Giant From The Reality Land? Part 5: Challenges and User Recommendations
Delivering on its enormously ambitious strategy is the challenge SAP faces.

wise owl  the execution of its otherwise attractive strategy. SAP should clearly articulate the delivery milestones of its recently announced e-business strategy. These should address time frames for all main product lines releases, and also, how customers can feasibly migrate piecemeal from individual components to the integrated whole. SAP R/3 Enterprise, the next major release of its flagship ERP suite, which is slated for general availability in 2Q 2002, and which will supposedly provide an R/3-based kernel of Read More...
Information Builders Announces New Release of WebFOCUS
Information Builders Inc., (IBI) has released a new suite of business intelligence tools designed to support e-business. Release 4.3 of the product has been re

wise owl  multi-dimensional analysis is a wise move, and should ease the sales cycle, given that most major customers are already Microsoft front and back office customers. User Recommendations Customers contemplating new business intelligence solutions should consider Information Builders on a long list of potential vendors. Information Builder's ties into Microsoft Excel, Explorer, and OLAP Server (a component of Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and 2000), will provide them with a cost advantage over some of their Read More...
Predictive Product Keeps Debtors’ Prison Empty
SLP InfoWare adds a module that identifies credit risks.

wise owl  program. It is certainly wise to take advantage of such programs, but doing so usually turns out to involve enough of the integration work that the product signing is almost inevitable, because of the work involved in the setup. To get a better handle of which of the companies on your short list for any CRM product are likely to produce the best results, we recommend creating a test that can be given to a number of vendors simultaneously, similar to the modeling step described above. To do this, Read More...

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