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Why BI Is Ripe Now for Businesses of Any Size
Businesses of all sizes need real insight into operations and customers@to do their planning, forecasting, modeling, and adjusting based on data that’s current,

work from home businesses  - all of this work will be for naught. We spent a lot of time on the back-end schemas to get them to be what we wanted them to be. Plan and Plan Some More . Take your time architecting and planning, says Collison. If I could give one piece of advice it is plan, plan, plan. Adds Gordon, If you start without a plan toward an end goal, you could make decisions that sell yourself short. We avoided pitfalls by designing a hierarchy the met the needs of what we needed to report for SEC filings. Get Read More

Software Test Tools
Tools exist to support software testing at all stages of a project. Some vendors offer an integrated suite that will support testing and development throughout a project's life, from gatheri...
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Documents related to » work from home businesses

One Vendor’s Mission to Make Service Businesses Click - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series introduced ClickSoftware Technologies (NASDAQ: CKSW), which until recently had focused solely on workforce and service optimization

work from home businesses  application platform that may work on top of the user's choice of underlying mobile infrastructure (e.g. local database, synchronization, communication management, and device management). The suite currently supports both Microsoft's and SAP Sybase 's mobile infrastructure. Over the last 18 months or so, while there has been strong demand for ClickSoftware’s breadwinning optimized scheduling solution, the area of mobility has reportedly experienced even larger demand. ClickSoftware now has over 50 Read More
One Vendor’s Mission to Make Service Businesses Click - Part 1
My recent series of tutorial articles entitled “Navigating Between Service Management Scylla @ Charybdis” and “The Magic Behind Planning and Executing (Optimal)

work from home businesses  The software vendor whose work and solutions largely inspired the first two series is ClickSoftware Technologies (NASDAQ: CKSW). With its recent acquisitions (to be explained shortly), ClickSoftware has also become somewhat related to the latter series on general WFM considerations.  Despite the challenging macro environment, ClickSoftware has achieved strong growth lately across almost all metrics, including increasing revenues (~20 percent annually), increasing non- Generally Accepted Accounting Read More
What to Expect from Your WMS
Today, companies are facing tougher competition and increasing service level requirements, all while balancing growth with shorter phase-in/phase-out cycles for

work from home businesses  immediate response. If you work all across the warehouse as a lift truck driver, you want to be able to trust the system to give you the right tasks and priorities, but perhaps also have the freedom to override (i.e. to pick up an alternative pallet from a floor location when the one you were told to get is 'in the middle'). And you certainly want to get your individual feedback on how you perform to make sure you are correctly paid. Ease of use All screens, whether PC workbenches or streamlined UIs for Read More
Who Benefits from Outsourcing?
While simple on the surface, the decision to outsource is a major strategic undertaking. Besides weighing cost reduction against the consequences of reduced

work from home businesses  for every dollar of work sent offshore.   Conclusion From the media to presidential candidates, to Wall Street all the way down to Main Street, tales of outsourcing and offshoring destroying jobs, raising unemployment levels and adding to the financial crisis have flooded the airwaves and been the buzz of conversations around the world. In reality, outsourcing and offshoring create better-paying jobs, fuel economic gains, and balance international trade. And the trend is not expected to wane anytime Read More
Epicor Software Corp.: How Far From Being 'One-Stop' Shop?
Epicor Software has been striving to complete its evolution from a vendor of financial accounting software to a provider of holistic business performance

work from home businesses  costs and ongoing R&D work in progress (see Figures 1 & 2 - Epicor Software Corp. - Annual & Quarterly Results Chart). Epicor's available cash resources of less than $7 million are significantly diminished compared to $22 million at the end of the fiscal 1998, while its market capitalization of $176 million is notably less than its annual revenue. The blending of different corporate cultures has compounded the difficulties. Any hiccups and delays in its product development execution, possibly bundled Read More
Driving Optimal Performance from ERP Systems
Whether you’re about to embark on a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) initiative or you’re just looking for more value from your existing ERP solution, you

work from home businesses  Optimal Performance from ERP Systems Whether you’re about to embark on a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) initiative or you’re just looking for more value from your existing ERP solution, you must start with your business strategy and competitive advantage. When key business requirements are identified and validated, you can spot the process adjustments that make sense and support your business—and get better at whatever you’re good at. Find out more. Read More
Season's Greetings with Helpful Links from TEC
Free Software Evaluations and Reports Top 25 Most Popular White Papers. Follow Us on Twitter. Choose from over 40 different software categories, 1,000 solutions

work from home businesses  s Greetings with Helpful Links from TEC Season's Greetings with Helpful Links from TEC   TEC is pleased to have helped over 270,000 organizations with their software selection in 2010 Dear John Doe, For almost two decades, TEC's mission has been to empower you with the tools, research and expertise to help you make the best decision for your enterprise software needs. In 2011 we will surprise you with even better tools and resources. We look forward to providing you with more efficient and Read More
Leveraging Value from SAP with IBM Cognos
Organizations may find it easy to accumulate data from their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, but that information often remains unusable to decision

work from home businesses  BI and PM solutions work with SAP ERP systems. Read More
Businesses in Motion: SAP HANA + Microsoft Kinect, and More
A recent note that landed on my plate really grabbed my attention: As part of a long partnership, Microsoft and SAP jointly gave a demo in which Microsoft

work from home businesses  of new systems to work by building blocks of code instead of working from the ground up, as Chor-Chin Fan mentions in a recent post about Tom Cruise-style BI from LogiXML , who know what they are talking about when it comes to modularity and developing via code assembly components. Adding Augmented Reality to the Equation Finally, what happens if we add another variable to the equation in the form of augmented reality? Well, KeyTree , a UK-based SAP partner, has done just that, with a product called CEO Read More
Human Resources for Small to Medium Businesses
When small to medium businesses shop around for a human resources (HR) solution, their main considerations are whether to go for a hosted or non-hosted solution

work from home businesses  outside firms to handle work normally performed within a company. HR plays a major role in any organization, but lets face it: the HR department is a cost center that does not deliver a tangible return on investment (ROI). However, it's a necessary component of every organization. The key to increasing the HR department's value is to purchase software that meets the company's needs and enhances its capabilities, while at the same time keeping costs down. This can be achieved by purchasing only the Read More
The Path to ERP for Small Businesses, Part 3: Selection of ERP Software
The third and final part of the path to ERP for small businesses series describes the software selection stage, including the dos and don’ts during vendor

work from home businesses  few of them will work for you. This is why all three stages described in this series of articles are extremely important for you to research, evaluate, and select the best product for your company’s needs. Often times, selecting an ERP solution is a compromise, but you should make sure that you do not compromise on functionality or characteristics of the solution that can have a great impact on your company in the future and make you lose money if the investment in the software does not bring the Read More
How Can Business Intelligence Benefit Small to Medium Businesses?
Research shows that the number one software solution that small to medium businesses plan to purchase in the coming year is business intelligence (BI). Download

work from home businesses   Read More
ERP Selection Guide for Small and Mid-Market Businesses
Every year, companies face the challenge of selecting new business software solutions. Whatever the reasons for the selection, there are basic criteria and cost

work from home businesses  Selection Guide for Small and Mid-Market Businesses Every year, companies face the challenge of selecting new business software solutions. Whatever the reasons for the selection, there are basic criteria and cost considerations that companies must take into account. The goal is to compare several enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors against each other in terms of long-term cost and software quality. Learn more in this selection guide from Abas software. Read More
From QuickBooks to ERP: A Road Map for Growing Small Businesses
The basic spreadsheet and accounting programs you’ve relied on ’til now won’t help your growing business eliminate decision-making bottlenecks, reduce IT costs,

work from home businesses  order? That model can work on a very small scale ' but it's easily and quickly outgrown. As the company expands, it becomes essential to push these kinds of decisions down to lower levels of the organization. A 50-person organization can no longer operate like a five-person company, where the founder can make every pricing, credit and procurement decision. On the other hand, that doesn't mean that a business owner wants to surrender all control, either. Disparate software tools can greatly impede the Read More
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