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What to Expect from Your WMS
Today, companies are facing tougher competition and increasing service level requirements, all while balancing growth with shorter phase-in/phase-out cycles for

work from home jobs  immediate response. If you work all across the warehouse as a lift truck driver, you want to be able to trust the system to give you the right tasks and priorities, but perhaps also have the freedom to override (i.e. to pick up an alternative pallet from a floor location when the one you were told to get is 'in the middle'). And you certainly want to get your individual feedback on how you perform to make sure you are correctly paid. Ease of use All screens, whether PC workbenches or streamlined UIs for Read More...
Software Test Tools
Tools exist to support software testing at all stages of a project. Some vendors offer an integrated suite that will support testing and development throughout a project's life, from gatheri...
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Documents related to » work from home jobs

Talking to (and Learning from) a Retail Store Execution Software Leader - Part 1
My recent post (Software and Human) Help Wanted in Overwhelmed Retail Stores talked about how much attention (and IT investment) retailers pay to their

work from home jobs  implementation, Reflexis product specialists work with the customer to build appropriate surveys and show them how their own employees can build them. Surveys can either be built from scratch by power users or end-users can also build them using templates. The surveys are generally completed by regional and store managers but can be answered by department managers too or whoever the company wants. The surveys can be about anything the retailer wants – compliance with safety rules, store appearance, Read More...
State of the Market: HR
More than ever, executives are looking to transform human resources (HR) from a seemingly low-priority function into a strategic part of the business. This

work from home jobs  projects being worked on, work orders, hours, and how workers should be paid. Workforce management software grew out of time and attendance (T&A) monitoring systems, and can now address many facets of the workforce, from making sure that assembly lines are adequately staffed on any particular shift, to identifying the best salespeople to tackle a new account and making sure they are rewarded properly. Workforce management software vendors include Ultimate Software, Kronos (which also recently acquired Read More...
Epicor HCM Express Allows Companies to Go From Bare Bones to Full Functionality
Epicor HCM Express is an interesting option for small businesses that are taking their first steps toward adopting a human resources information system (HRIS

work from home jobs  a standard statement of work attached to it. This option implies that if the vendor goes over the expected time frame, the client does not get charged. As with Epicor HCM, the deploy-your-way option is available for HCM Express, as clients can choose between on demand, hosted, and on premise options. For the cloud option, the data centers are located in the United States (US) and the vendor offers support from Hungary and the US. In terms of pricing, as Express is a reduced version of Epicor HCM, the Read More...
Who Benefits from Outsourcing?
While simple on the surface, the decision to outsource is a major strategic undertaking. Besides weighing cost reduction against the consequences of reduced

work from home jobs  for every dollar of work sent offshore.   Conclusion From the media to presidential candidates, to Wall Street all the way down to Main Street, tales of outsourcing and offshoring destroying jobs, raising unemployment levels and adding to the financial crisis have flooded the airwaves and been the buzz of conversations around the world. In reality, outsourcing and offshoring create better-paying jobs, fuel economic gains, and balance international trade. And the trend is not expected to wane anytime Read More...
Leveraging Value from SAP with IBM Cognos
Organizations may find it easy to accumulate data from their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, but that information often remains unusable to decision

work from home jobs  BI and PM solutions work with SAP ERP systems. Read More...
At Least Your Boss Can't Read Your Home E-mail, Right? Wrong!
A lower-court judge in St. Paul granted a subpoena to Northwest Airlines allowing them the search the home computers of employees for evidence of allegedly

work from home jobs  could be seen as working to hurt company morale. In the context of that example, this case poses two questions. First, if the company already has good reason to suspect you of sowing dissention, should they have the right to search your home computer for evidence? Second, if the company believes that somebody has been telling Dilbert jokes about management, do they have the right to search the home computers of a large number of people, to see if there's any evidence the phrase pointy-haired in their Read More...
Ooh La La! From France, W4 Business First for BPM Joins the TEC Certified Elite
We are pleased to announce that Business First from W4 is now available for online evaluation of business process management (BPM) solutions in the Project

work from home jobs  Process collaboration Form management Workflow portal Monitoring and management Process analytics Screen Capture: W4 Business First Process Modeler In the screencap above we see an example of the W4 Business First process modeler, which provides the tools to model simple and complex processes with its complete and easy-to-use modeler interface. Other features of W4 Business First include its process monitoring and management capabilities, which enable users to follow processes at all stages and have Read More...
CyberPeepers from Korean Sites Peek at U.S. Networks
Numerous United States Internet sites are being bombarded by cyberpeepers from Korea. Whether or not these network scans constitute an attack depends upon whom

work from home jobs  Sites Peek at U.S. Networks Event Summary In the past two weeks, a large number of United States Internet sites have reported an on-slaught of network probes or scans from the Republic of Korea. Security engineers and systems administrators have been spending a lot of time in the last few weeks asking each other, Why are we seeing so many scans from Korea. and, Who is scanning for what? There have been numerous speculations made about all the ubiquitous Korean network probes. Many security Read More...
New Chatter Mobile from Salesforce
Salesforce.com announced the new Salesforce Chatter Mobile, including options to edit records, view dashboards, and take business actions. The new actions in

work from home jobs  support request, create a work order, approve a candidate or create an invoice). According to the press release, Salesforce Chatter promotes social-mobile communities of workers, thus leaving behind the once fashionable legacy portals. Chatter communities go beyond the very basic intranet functionality and expand the scope of employee outreach to customers and partners. The Salesforce Chatter Mobile will be available for iOS and Android, and it is free to use for all current Salesforce.com Read More...
Work Technology Corporation
WorkTech provides labor management software systems for complex organizations, integrated with all leading ERP and EAM systems. Serving the energy sector

work from home jobs  Technology Corporation WorkTech provides labor management software systems for complex organizations, integrated with all leading ERP and EAM systems. Serving the energy sector, public and private utilities, manufacturing, and facilities management, WorkTech's software can automate 100% of a company's pay rules. With 20 years of experience in these sectors, WorkTech delivers sound products and consulting to its clients so that they obtain a significant return on investment every time. Read More...
From Accounting to ERP: A Road Map for Growing Small Businesses
To find out what you need to know about ERP systems for growing small or midsized businesses, download your copy of from accounting to erp: a road ...

work from home jobs  Accounting to ERP: A Road Map for Growing Small Businesses You may have hit a wall without knowing it. Your business may be getting too big to continue growing with stand-alone desktop applications like spreadsheets, contact managers, and basic accounting software. If you're having trouble eliminating business process bottlenecks, increasing productivity, or improving customer service, it could be time for you to leave your desktop applications behind— and graduate to an enterprise software solution Read More...
Nearshoring: Looking Closer to Home
Companies looking for savings but worried about the risks and cultural barriers involved in offshore outsourcing, whose business processes have a strong

work from home jobs  to £400 when conducting work from the Scottish Centre. Enterprise Management Consulting also maintains a London office, enabling it to arrange for specialists to meet with clients on the mainland and thrash out complex architecture issues before taking the main body of the work to the Western Isles for completion. Searches related to Nearshoring, Looking Closer to Home : Application Development Outsourcing | Application Outsourcing | Apply Business Process Outsourcing Architecture | Apply Outsourced Read More...
Epicor Software Corp.: How Far From Being 'One-Stop' Shop?
Epicor Software has been striving to complete its evolution from a vendor of financial accounting software to a provider of holistic business performance

work from home jobs  costs and ongoing R&D work in progress (see Figures 1 & 2 - Epicor Software Corp. - Annual & Quarterly Results Chart). Epicor's available cash resources of less than $7 million are significantly diminished compared to $22 million at the end of the fiscal 1998, while its market capitalization of $176 million is notably less than its annual revenue. The blending of different corporate cultures has compounded the difficulties. Any hiccups and delays in its product development execution, possibly bundled Read More...

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