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In-Memory Analytics: A Multi-Dimensional Study
The primary bottleneck to high-performance multidimensional analysis has been slow hard drive speed—the time it takes for data to be transferred from disk

write caching  are much simpler to write than those that need to retrieve data from disk. For instance, caching algorithms (programs that allow frequently used data to be stored in physical memory to improve performance) are some of the most complex pieces of code to write, maintain, or even use effectively. By storing all relevant data in memory, in-memory architecture eliminates the need for such algorithms. The in-memory approach addresses two important issues with conventional OLAP: disk space requirements and Read More...
ERP System for Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
A U.S.-based manufacturer of industrial machinery turned to TEC for help selecting an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.
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Documents related to » write caching

The 2008 Handbook of Application Delivery: A Guide to Decision Making
IT organizations can no longer manage networks in isolation from the applications they support, requiring a shift from focusing on devices to a focus on

write caching  to understand how to write applications that perform well over the WAN. Table 4.1, for example, depicts the results of a lab test that was done using a WAN emulator to quantify the affect that WAN latency would have on an inquiry-response application that has a target response time of 5 seconds. Similar tests can be run to quantify the affect that jitter and packet loss have on an application.   Network Latency Measured Response Time 0 ms 2 seconds 25 ms 2 seconds 50 ms 2 seconds 75 ms 2 seconds 100 ms Read More...
How to Overcome the Limits of Enterprise Software
Is your enterprise software really making you more competitive? After all, for years you’ve had to make expensive trade-offs between application dependability

write caching  same way they would write an application expected to run on a single computer. In practice, scale-out virtualization provides several measurable benefits: Organizations can deploy fabric applications using commodity hardware, reducing upfront deployment costs. CPU-intensive applications get the scalability offered by a highly distributed environment with greatly simplified development and management. Managers and administrators can treat the application fabric as a single system, reducing the need to use Read More...
Traffic Audits Make Strange Bedfellows: Part II - The Audit Process
With traffic being the lifeblood of an e-commerce site the Marketing crew knows that the traffic numbers are going to be audited. And they look to the CIO to

write caching  of programmer time to write a program that can counts impressions, visitors and visits. The careful inspection of the logs and the derivation of algorithms you'll need to do this will put you on a firm footing both to configure your commercial log analysis software and to be prepared for a traffic audit. Among the areas to pay attention to are: IP Addresses : Do you know which IP addresses people from the company (or from partners) will be recorded as coming from? Can you create an estimate of the number Read More...
Oracle Further Orchestrates Its SOA Forays Part Two: Strategy
Oracle's vision of a complete collaborative e-Business solution requires a database strategy, an application server strategy, and an e-business strategy. Will

write caching  minimizing the need to write code that implements design patterns and application's infrastructure. Oracle ADF focuses also on the development experience with a visual and declarative approach to J2EE development. In addition, the suite contains Oracle Designer , a complete toolset to model, generate, and capture the requirements and design of enterprise database applications, and Oracle Forms Developer , a PL/SQL-based development environment for building enterprise class, database-centric Internet Read More...
Google Acquires Artificial Intelligence Start-Up DeepMind
Google has acquired the artificial intelligence start-up DeepMind. Get TEC Research Analyst Raluca Druta’s perspective on this deal and what this may mean for

write caching  you read, what you write, in your emails or blog posts, and so on, even your conversations, what you hear, what you say.” We may have a hard time understanding and digesting this type of technology and its applications on our daily lives. An interesting alternative to the very abstract concept of AI could be Amazon’s idea of artificial intelligence with help from humans —which Google also employs to validate the quality of its search engine by hiring armies of raters. If enterprise software will Read More...
Infor M3 to Handle Fresh Food Planning
Infor has announce plans to deliver a range of enhancements to Infor M3 (formerly Intentia Movex). The enhancements will include the development of Infor M3

write caching  tool and reduce costly write-offs. Unlike traditional planning solutions, FFP is designed to run directly on top of the operational enterprise resource planning (ERP) database providing instant access to live data about current demand, supply, and stock levels. Combined with the speed of reporting, this should enable a more efficient daily planning process, for fresh food manufacturers to be as fast and agile as possible. With FFP the goal is for the planner to have the ability to adjust forecasted Read More...
VoltDB is a fast, in-memory operational database. Applications today require operational databases to meet some very challenging requirements. VoltDB delivers

write caching  delivers high read and write speeds, SQL and JSON, and event-level transactions and integrated in-memory analytics for hundreds of customers. Read More...
Show Me the (Hidden) Money
Did you know that there is hidden money in your company? No, not in the safe, nor in some secret vault that you can access by pressing on a brick in the wall—it

write caching  many interesting things to write about.
Moxie Software Offers Free Social Collaboration Apps
The days of companies making serious investments in general purpose social networks and collaboration tools seem to be numbered. The true value of collaboration

write caching  difficult for CIOs to write a check for Jive Software, Socialtext, Yammer , or any other renowned general purpose social offerings without trying Moxie’s Collaboration Spaces for free. Read More...
Starfish ETL
Starfish ETL™ includes a number of pre-built data connectors which provide the means to connect to a data source so it is able to quickly and efficiently

write caching  and efficiently read or write data and support on-demand (SaaS) and on-premise solutions. With pre-built and customizable maps and connectors, Starfish ETL™ automates importing, exporting, sharing, and synchronizing customer-related data across many databases, ERP systems, e-mail clients, and website and mobile platforms. Preplan jobs to run or execute in real time. Data is always accurate. Features Extensive list of available connectors and maps Extremely flexible to modify or create new connectors Read More...
Supply Chain Management 101
I covered the basics of ERP previously, and thought I'd move on to supply chain management (SCM), which we're also featuring in tomorrow's TEC Newsletter (go to

write caching  a $2.2 billion inventory write-off. The culprit, once again: supply chain problems. This fiasco was—and still is—the largest inventory write-off in history. These debacles are not necessarily the direct result of poor software selection or faulty SCM evaluation—but they are potent reminders that software evaluation can be the single most important factor behind operational success—or organizational failure. How the Software Selection Process Can Help • Understand how different applications will Read More...
Rosslyn Analytics Partners with Differentia Consulting
Under the terms of the newly announced partnership with Rosslyn Analytics, Differentia Consulting, one of the United Kingdom’s largest technology consultancies

write caching  need for customers to write scripts or schedule the transfer of data for real-time analysis and reporting. This is possible because RAPid provides each client with its own cloud-based application and data repository that they can access around the clock. TEC product overview: QlikView Read More...
AT&T's Ecosystem
AT&T is creating an environment for ASP's to thrive.

write caching  T's Ecosystem Event Summary During ComNet 2000, AT&T announced Ecosystem for ASP's. It is a network service platform that will enable Application Service Providers to deliver high performance, network-based applications. Building on its existing Internet assets, AT&T also introduced intelligent content distribution and enterprise storage services as elements of the new platform. The hosted applications will reside in AT&T's network and help businesses eliminate the overhead associated with Read More...

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