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Three Cs of Successful Positioning: The Competition
Learn how to avoid the most deadly sin of all marketing—using the same position or a similar one as your competitor, and not knowing it.

x brite  small and medium businesses X Understand the business fundamentals X Flexible, adaptable X X X Affordable X X Value X X Rapid implementation and ROI X Figure 1 In a future, I will look at these vendors in more detail, and explain why I reached the assessments above. Perception Maps Let You See Where They Ain't Okay. You've analyzed your competitors, and created an informative table. Now, how do you decide if there is an unclaimed gap you can claim for your own? Follow Wee Willie Keeler's example, and hit Read More

Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACS) for the Health Care Industry
PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System) manages the storage and display of digitized diagnostic images such as x-rays, CT Scans, and ultrasounds for use by radiologists and other clinician...
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Review: Profits with Principles

x brite  these new requirements into existing processes. “Business leaders face complex economic challenges, political uncertainty, and changing societal expectations. Regardless of their industry sector, they are under growing pressure to demonstrate outstanding performance in corporate competitiveness, governance, and responsibility.” [i] – Kofi Annan The book I’ve chosen to review, Profits with Principles: Seven Strategies for Delivering Value with Values , helps clarify the definition of CSR. The Read More
Selecting PLM Software Solutions Part 2 - Problem Overview
Past experience shows us that the vast majority of enterprise technology evaluations run over time and budget, and once selected, the majority of the

x brite  or maybe because Vendor X and Vendor Y were not invited to bid? Many vendors turn to industry analysts and IT research firms to provide them with a view of the future and/or to assist them in their product marketing strategy. The firms can often provide very valuable visionary and strategic level research to vendors to help them determine their future direction (e.g., buying market forecasts, whether to embrace Web Services, etc.). While this insight can help vendors decide on high-level strategy, this Read More
The Future of Secure Remote Password (SRP)
The Secure Remote Password (SRP) holds great promise as a way to strongly authenticate a user without the usual risks of dictionary attack(s) faced by other

x brite  to Client. Client computes x (private key) using s and password (P). Client computes random number (a) and ephemeral public key (A) based on g and a. Client sends A to Server. Server computes random number (b) and ephemeral public key (B) based on b, g and v. Server sends B and randomly generated parameter, u to Client. Client computes common exponential value (S) from B, g, a, x and u. Server computes common exponential value (S) from A, v, u, and b. Both sides hash the exponential value S to create a Read More
The Total EAM Vision Strategic Advantages in Asset Management
Physical asset management contributes greatly to the achievement of competitive advantages in capital intensive companies. Particularly in the areas of

x brite  of Life Asset Care x . X Maintenance Administration x . X Predictive Maintenance x . X Maintenance Decision Support * x . X Transactional Information x . . Physical Asset Risk Management x . X Advanced Human Resource Management x X Advanced Inventory Management for Asset Intensive Industries x x X Reliability-centred Maintenance x x X Root Cause Analysis x x X Financial Cost / Life Analysis x x . Technical Change Management x . X KPI Dashboard . x . Strategic Indicator Usage . x . Strategic Planning for A Read More
The Seven Deadly Sins of Software Marketing
Huge amounts of money are spent on marketing collateral—you need to ensure that you get your money's worth. This article discusses seven common mistakes made

x brite  format is an 11 x 17 inch paper folded in half, giving four 8.5 x 11 inch sides to the brochure. While you could easily convert this to a PDF format for electronic transmission, anyone who has tried to read such a document online knows it is like paying Pac-Man with your scroll bar. Left, right, up, and down just to center the content on your screen, making it difficult for the reader to maintain a steady train of thought. However, the advantage of the 11 x 17 inch format is that it can be easily Read More
Japanese Decision-making Processes Can Influence Enterprise Content Management Functionality
Traditional Japanese Decision-making, or Ringi The decision-making process in North American companies operates within a centralized system, and generally

x brite  the manager of the next higher level of the company’s hierarchy, asking for approval of the proposal. In a typical Japanese proposal document, several spaces, often in squares, along with the titles of those that are required to make approval, are provided at the top or bottom edge of the document. These spaces are for the individuals asked to approve the proposal document to place their seals. In Japan, a manager approves a proposal with a seal or stamp. Every office worker has a personal seal ( hanko Read More
Microsoft Windows Services For Unix - SFU = DOA?
Microsoft is about to start charging US$149 for its limited collection of Unix-compatible utilities for Windows NT/2000 clients. We forecast a minimal market

x brite  WRQ Reflection Suite for X lists at $468. But the WRQ suite offers extensive terminal and XWindows-based connection modes in addition to plain vanilla NFS. User Recommendations We don't see the product convincing Unix diehards to abandon their workstations for Wintel solutions. This product is better suited for Windows users who live in predominantly Unix centric environments. Microsoft has made a great show of trumpeting the superiority of Windows 2000. Unix includes NFS, telnet, and Korn free of Read More
Standard Benchmark on Hewlett-Packard ProLiant Servers
In August 2006, Microsoft conducted a Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 standard distribution benchmark to measure the performance and scalability characteristics of

x brite  HP DL385 Processor 2 x 2.6 gigahertz (GHz) AMD64 Memory 4 GB ECC HardDisk (BootDrive) 2 x 72 gigabyte (GB) 15K RPM Raid1 HardDisk (PageFile) 1 x 36 GB 15K RPM Network HP NC7782 Gigabit Ethernet AOS Software Settings 3 GB Switch 32-bit version of Microsoft Windows Server® 2003 with Service Pack SP1 (SP1), Enterprise Edition Single AOS instance per server Visual Studio Team System Client Specification Model HP DL145 Processor 2 x 1.8 GHz AMD64 Memory 2 GB ECC HardDisk Maxtor 40 GB IDE Network Broadcom Read More
SAP Running Simple to Be a Cool Vendor
The SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, was a well-organized event that afforded attendees the opportunity to explore SAP offerings from

x brite  its good intentions, Gen X may feel neglected. And, with CEO Bill McDermott contrasting leadership and management in favor of the former, Gen X employees, who occupy many managerial functions, may feel even more pushed into forgetfulness. Furthermore, a company investing in one generation with important mandates while looking at other generations with sorrow is like parents focusing on their favorite child while neglecting the other children. The future of work track was heavy with millennial Read More
Symbian, Microsoft Try to Slap Palm Around
Palm Computing’s PalmPCs will be facing stiff competition from Microsoft and the Symbian consortium, each of which is trying to grab a large share of the

x brite  VGA (i.e., 320 pixel x 240 pixel) color display functionality. The devices double up as a conventional cell phone by plugging in a headset, or wirelessly using a Bluetooth headset or ear clip. Bluetooth will even allow the device to be left in a jacket pocket or briefcase, with voice activation triggering the call. Market Impact While not a death-knell for Palm devices, this certainly isn't great news for them. Although Palm presently holds an approximate 80% market share for the handheld and PDA Read More
PANalytical: A QAD Customer Success Story
As a leader in x-ray analytical instrumentation and software, PANalytical’s global business was growing rapidly. But with that growth, complexity in its

x brite  As a leader in x-ray analytical instrumentation and software, PANalytical’s global business was growing rapidly. But with that growth, complexity in its information and communication infrastructures had also grown—making it impossible to optimize and standardize its business processes. Since partnering with QAD, PANalytical has successfully consolidated two manufacturing sites, 31 sales offices, and 17 databases. Read More
Hummingbird Announces Extraction and Portal Strategy for ERP
Boston, October 25 /CNW-PRN/-Hummingbird Communications Limited (TSE:HUM,NASDAQ:HUMC), announced the immediate availability of Genio MetaLink for SAP R/3

x brite  Announces Extraction and Portal Strategy for ERP Event Summary Boston, October 25 /CNW-PRN/-Hummingbird Communications Limited (TSE:HUM,NASDAQ:HUMC), announced the immediate availability of Genio MetaLink for SAP R/3. This is the first product in their new ERP-related electronic business strategy. Hummingbird also announced the rollout of the Hummingbird Enterprise Information Portal, which will be available in December. Customers are currently challenged to make enterprise resource planning Read More
Customer Relationship Management and Social Networks-They're Related How, Again?
No company today can afford to ignore the value of its customers' natural social networking behavior. The advantages that these social networks can bring to a

x brite  relates to CRM—especially the next incarnation of CRM, currently being called CRM 2.0. Starting at the Root Human beings are inherently social. Human beings also tend to organize socially into hierarchies. Level playing fields are pretty much only the product of a zamboni between periods at a hockey game—not a product of human evolution. What makes the growth of these social hierarchies interesting (and not at all the same as those found in traditional corporate bureaucracies) is that the top of the Read More
Enterprise Process Improvement (EPI) Software: Customer and Software Vendor Collaboration
Having just completed implementing your enterprise-wide software, you are about lean back, put your feet up on the desk, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Not

x brite  that, if it costs x dollars to implement a release, the cost of implementing two releases is the two times x dollars. Simple math says that if you skip a release, you save x dollars. Unfortunately, simple math does not apply to the practice of implementing software releases. Sure, you may only have to pilot the software and train users once but many of the other implementation activities will have to be completed for even the skipped release. An example will help to illustrate this point. External data Read More

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