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Making Large UPS Systems More Efficient
As energy resources become scarcer and more expensive, electrical efficiency is a more important performance factor in the specification and selection of large

x squared  systems data centers . Executive Summary As energy resources become more scarce and more expensive, electrical efficiency is becoming a more important performance factor in the specification and selection of large UPS systems. There are three subtle but significant factors that can materially affect a company's cost of operating a UPS system and particularly the electrical bill. Unfortunately, the people who specify systems often fail to recognize these factors, which leads to increased costs to the Read More
Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACS) for the Health Care Industry
PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System) manages the storage and display of digitized diagnostic images such as x-rays, CT Scans, and ultrasounds for use by radiologists and other clinician...
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Documents related to » x squared

Baan And SSA GT Merge To Form A Mid-Market Empire With An ''Iron Side'' Part Three: Market Impact On SSA GT
Like the previous few SSA GT's acquisitions, this merger too seems aimed at enlarging combined Baan and SSA GT's customer base, market share, and, more

x squared  Invensys plc. (London Stock Exchange: ISYS), was sold on June 3 to an investment group consisting of Cerberus Capital Management , L.P. and General Atlantic Partners , LLC , two of the world's leading private investment firms. Backed by nearly USD $14 billion in investment capital, the investment group plans to employ a growth oriented, long-term strategy to the Baan business, in the manner similar to the incredulous comeback of SSA Global Technologies (SSA GT) ( www.ssagt.com ), incredulous comeback. Read More
What's Wrong With Application Software? Business Processes Cross Application Boundaries
The reality of today’s application environment is that no single application meets all of the needs of a business, or frequently even the needs of a single

x squared  the Gaps EIA O X - BPM X 0 - Next Gen X X X     X - Available   O - Future Direction Summary The next generation of application architecture must address the reality that business processes cross application boundaries. The architecture will need to provide business process integration, application integration, and application extension in order to allow companies to realize the full potential of their current applications. With all of these capabilities, the new architectures will initially be used Read More
Global Asset Sustainability: Breakthrough Lean Best Practice Counters Rising Energy Costs
Leading companies are reducing energy consumption and costs as a top-priority initiative@with benefits ranging from more efficient operations to increased

x squared  by the equation: Availability x Performance x Quality x Energy Consumption where each factor is a percentage of the theoretical best possible performance of an asset along that line. Fortunately, new technology has combined with the evolution of asset management applications to allow companies this comprehensive view of Global Asset Sustainability. Those with a mature asset management practice can now evolve to include a view of energy; others just embarking on their asset management program should Read More
Legacy Single Sign-On: Novell, Evidian, IBM, PassGo, or Computer Associates?
As the complexity of enterprise systems increases, users are often forced to remember more and more passwords. As the demand on users increases, many users

x squared  Feature Value Points Weight x Score = Value Value Novell 1 to 5 5 is Best Evidian 1 to 5 5 is Best IBM 1 to 5 5 is Best Computer Associates 1 to 5 5 is Best Computer Associates 1 to 5 5 is Best 50 Security (50x5=250 possible points) 4 (200 Points) 5 (250 Points) 3 (150 Points) 4 (200 Points) 1 (50 Points) 20 Ease of Deployment (20x5=100 possible points) 5 (100 Points) 5 (100 Points) 1 (20 Points) 2 (40 Points) 4 (80 Points) 20 Scalability (20x5=100 possible points) 5 (100 Points) 5 (100 Points) 3 (60 Read More
Poor Data Quality Means A Waste of Money
Data quality sounds like a motherhood and apple pie issue, of course we want our data to be right. However, very few enterprises get serious about it. Maybe

x squared  specific evidence of customer X being short shipped, ingredient Y being out of stock, and the real numbers associated with both. Given the right priority, you must first find out where you have a problem and then how the problem was created. A physical inventory may tell you there is an inventory accuracy problem, but it can only be fixed if you determine how it occurred. The entire cycle must be inspected looking for sources of data errors. Once the how is identified, you must address it. Do physical Read More
Smart Software for Service-level Driven Forecasting
The issue of forecasting intermittent demand has been one that has plagued companies forever. Many very smart people have tried to tackle it; many vendors like

x squared  a consistent level of X units per period of time is not particularly difficult; neither is forecasting demand when there has been a consistent and steady growth in the level of demand. This is not to say that forecasting is easy, but forecasting steady demand, or steadily growing demand, is relatively straightforward. Volatile, intermittent demand is another matter altogether. Demand that has numerous, unpredictable spikes in certain periods, and other periods where there is no demand, can make for a Read More
MMS / Southware Excellence Series
MMS / Southware Excellence Series is a closed loop manufacturing system with MRP, ERP, Advanced Manufacturing Processes, CRM, Bill of Materials, Fully

x squared  Full ODBC, and Active X Compliant, 600 platforms to run on. Read More
Global Software Aspirations
Exact has established a global infrastructure and network of offices offering direct support, sales and services, with the aim of providing customers a

x squared  Software Aspirations Exact Globe for Global Aspirations To address the multinational needs of enterprises and to create one face for each customer , Exact Software, a division of Delft , the Netherlands-based Exact Holding N.V . (Amsterdam: EXACT.AS, http://www.exactsoftware.com ), has taken steps to offer Exact Globe , the latest generation of back-office enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to North American customers. This effort, which began in 2005, should enable customers to benefit fro Read More
Workforce Diversity: Meeting the Challenges Head On
Diversity is an important part of the change that today’s businesses are experiencing. Many organizations are working on an international level and, as such

x squared  career and education. Generation X (Gen X) —those born between 1965 and 1981. This group grew up in an era of emerging technology and is considered to be very autonomous. Generation Y (Gen Y) —also known as Millennials. Born between 1982 and 1995, this group may turn out to be the most educated and often feels deserving. Gen Y individuals want to work for a company that is socially responsible and do something to make a difference in the world. They have a tendency to switch jobs often, and are the Read More
BAAN Announces
OpenWorld will be an enterprise integration architecture that enables Baan customers to engage in E-commerce with each other.

x squared  today customers expect 7 x 24 service, next day delivery and more competitive pricing - Baan believes that the changes brought about by the Internet on B-2-B commerce will be even more dramatic. To compete, manufacturing businesses will need to learn to partner with suppliers and customers to deliver custom configured solutions, while maintaining minimal inventory in reduced timeframes. Baan OpenWorld is an integration framework built on four tiered levels of exchange: Data Level: At this first level, Read More
Time Keepers Or Clock Makers
Right now, you probably have someone hiring and firing warehouse personnel who has never attended a course on interviewing techniques or labor laws. You have

x squared  tell them what our expectations are? By doing these things does that mean the company is not as great? Of course not, we are just being honest with the same person we expect to be honest with us. By being completely honest you give them the opportunity to give you their vision about how your warehouse should run. A Clock Maker ! A person with a vision and the determination to achieve that vision is much more valuable to your organization, even at the warehouse level. Remember, your warehouse is the Read More
Field Precision LLC
Field Precision creates advanced finite-element software for electromagnetic fields, charged-particle devices and X-ray science. Our unitized 2D and 3D packages

x squared  fields, charged-particle devices and X-ray science. Our unitized 2D and 3D packages cover a broad range of application areas including high voltage engineering, magnet design, charged-particle devices, permanent magnet assemblies, microwave technology, pulsed power systems, and X-ray imaging. Affordable Basic packages run on any Windows computer. Professional packages with parallel-processing support and unlimited memory access run under 64-bit XP, Vista and Windows 7. Read More
Microsoft Analyst Event Part One: What’s New for Fall 2012
The traditional Microsoft Dynamics Fall Analyst Event (FAE) 2012 started with a tour of the flagship Microsoft Store in an opulent mall in Bellevue, WA, where

x squared  that also includes the X Box Kinect for motioning—very nifty. On some level, consistency is good, but 100 percent consistency has never worked for all user constituencies, and only time will tell whether Microsoft is right or wrong here. Windows 8 and Surface – Game Changers? Now, some folks will say that the paradigm shift from the Windows XP “Start Page,” with windows and mouse use (right clicks, etc.)  to the touch interface of Surface will be steep, but as a Mac user who has not used Windows Read More
The CyberAngel: Laptop Recovery and File Encryption All-in-One
Relevant Technologies took the CyberAngel into our labs to test it for our acceptability rating. It worked as advertised, and had more features than expected.

x squared  were sent the 24 x 7, 800 number to call at the CyberAngel Security Monitoring Center if we suspected that the laptop had been stolen. When the alert e-mail was mailed to us, it included a Created timestamp, but not a Sent timestamp. We're not sure why the CyberAngel monitoring server did not register a Sent timestamp with the messaging server, however, in the body of the e-mail, it did include a correct timestamp of the unauthorized access. This seems to be a problem that is trivial at best, Read More

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