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Frankie Does ERP, Part 2
[Editor’s note: Frank is not a composite character. He is a real person, employed at a real company. I’ve changed certain identifying particulars at his request

xp sp 2 firewall  extent of my ERP expertise, and he knows it. The other good news is that right now I’m in my kitchen, which is where I pour an argumentative shot of Jameson’s over two rocks in a chipped glass I’ve had since college days. All of a sudden my daughter’s in the kitchen too, and she’s talking to me. She hasn’t done that in a while. I think we’re both to blame for that. “Have a good day, Dad?” I didn’t expect this question. It’s unexpected enough that now, for some reason, I’m fighting Read More
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Documents related to » xp sp 2 firewall

The Intelligence of Social Media (Part 2)
In the first part of this blog, I mentioned that sentiment analysis measures the polarity of opinion—positive, negative, or neutral—regarding a subject, a

xp sp 2 firewall  a customer’s position as expressed or represented in social media can help gain knowledge of people’s opinions regarding their products and services. Other aspects still need to be determined regarding the evolution of text mining and sentiment analysis, but today it is clear that social media represent tools that can be used to understand market trends. Traditional BI vendors are making it possible for companies to address these types of tasks directly with their own set of tools, or making the Read More
SAP HANA: A Fast Developing “Toddler” - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series analyzed a snapshot of the SAP HANA offerings’ achievements at the time of the product’s first anniversary in June 2012. SAP is now a

xp sp 2 firewall  on promoting SAP HANA expertise in the market. The SAP HANA Distinguished Engineer program was founded by SAP in collaboration with some of the foremost SAP HANA technologists and SAP Mentors from Bluefin Solutions, Deloitte Consulting, IBM Global Business Solutions (GBS) , and independent consultants. It is open to all developers, database administrators, and other SAP HANA technologists who have an interest in pursuing and promoting technical skills in support of SAP HANA-based customer solutions. With Read More
Geac Awakens On Its Deathbed - Part 2: Geac's Response
While Geac’s balance sheet was boosted by recent events, a more positive sign is the company’s intent to become a true software-developing vendor, not simply a

xp sp 2 firewall  strategy (acquire, cut administrative expenses and generate service revenue) instead of taking decisive action to breathe fresh air into its arsenal of products, also backfired on Geac and relegated it in the back seat of the enterprise applications market. Figure 2. The positive news is Geac's determination to execute the following three-phased revitalization plan: To shore up the business and return to profitability - achieved in Q1 2002 (July 2001). To bolster human and financial resources, build and Read More
PLM as a Strategic Weapon: An Underlying PlanetPTC Live 2011 Theme - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series talked about the major (blockbuster of a sort) announcements at PTC’s PlanetPTC Live 2011 annual user conference, which was held in

xp sp 2 firewall  Live 2011. The company explained that Windchill 10.0’s ease-of-use and Creo's right-sized CAD applications are now good enough to be sold to smaller and large companies alike (without the need for “lite” gimmicks). I could buy this spin, although there have been some indications that PTC was hard-pressed to keep two code streams up to date, and that the SharePoint-based code stream and customer satisfaction were falling behind. As PLM vendors try to outflank their ERP counterparts, mobility will bec Read More
Some Belated Insights from, well, Deltek Insight 2010 - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series started with me lamenting my inability to attend the Deltek Insight 2010 conference. However, I recently had an in-depth post-event

xp sp 2 firewall  of what we might expect at Deltek Insight 2011 . Corporate Announcements and New Directions Deltek govWin Network : At the Insight 2010 conference, Deltek showcased the govWin community/network (not to be confused with the previously named  Deltek GovWin business development/proposal generating solution that is now called Costpoint CRM ) and talked about what it might mean for its  government contractor (GovCon)  customers. Indeed, who could be better suited to organize and offer an astute community an Read More
A Tale of a Few Good SCM Players - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog post series followed the progress of Manhattan Associates from its inception in 1990 throughout the mid-2000s. During this time, Manhattan

xp sp 2 firewall  needed to buy significant expertise to get into that market. The ERP guys were always terrible at supply chain and multi-tier collaboration because the nature of the problem is different. Why Different Fortunes Now? Thus, most times the final competition comes down to RedPrairie and Manhattan on the largest accounts, and with the addition of  HighJump  for mid-tier accounts . SAP and Oracle are there sometimes when the customer has other SAP and Oracle solutions, but are rarely serious competitors Read More
Consona’s CEO Clearing the Air (about Compiere) - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series talked about Consona Corporation’s recent acquisition of leading open source and cloud computing enterprise resource planning (ERP

xp sp 2 firewall  company a fair chance to explain its strategy and the rationale behind the acquisition. In Part 1 , Tognoni first  dispelled any idea that Consona’s intentions were to to copy the much larger and also acquisitive vendor Infor , as suggested by the related ERP Graveyard blog post . Thereafter, he explained that his interest in Compiere’s cloud platform coincided with (and was validated by) the  recent launch of Consona’s CRM Cloud  leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud Read More
Finding the Key to Small Manufacturer's Profits - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series discussed the genesis of ProfitKey International, one of the longest-standing enterprise resource planning (ERP) providers for small

xp sp 2 firewall  times that ProfitKey has experienced for over a decade (see Part 1) , its critical executives and employees have had long tenures. Thus, the vendor has dedicated and industry-knowledgeable personnel with significant manufacturing expertise. Two-way real-time integration of  manufacturing execution system (MES)  capabilities with the core ERP offering, which also entails  advanced planning and scheduling (APS)  capabilities, is a differentiator in ProfitKey's market space. Manufacturing companies Read More
InsideOut Firewall Reporter
InsideOut Firewall Reporter is a browser-based firewall reporting tool that brings an organization@s attention to risk factors. It provides visibility by

xp sp 2 firewall  insideout firewall reporter crack,insideout firewall reporter,textbook evaluation of insideout,sample report for insideout s firewall report,mac insideout database,insideout report,insideout firewall reporter login account,insideout firewall crack Read More
Mid-Market ERP Vendors Doing CRM & SCM In A DIY Fashion Part 2: Market Impact
Tier2/Tier 3 vendors are prepared to endure the onslaught of the likes of SAP, Oracle, and PeopleSoft, as well as of proverbial mid-market leaders such as J.D

xp sp 2 firewall  the same need to expand their offerings but much scarcer resources at their disposal to do this than their bigger counterparts. While the heyday of the ERP market in the mid 90s somewhat postponed the consolidation in the lower tiers of the market, it has, however, not been the case in recent years. As the M&A activity is seemingly dwindling, although not completely (see SAP Tries Another, Bifurcated Tack At A Small Guy ), the vendors that have survived the crunch will now have to energetically respond to Read More
DSL Provider Scoops up Netscreen Firewall Goldmine
In a $905million exchange of stock, Efficient Networks has acquired a more than efficient security solution with its acquisition of the Netscreen line of

xp sp 2 firewall  a response when users express concerns about security. Enabling users to obtain a high-speed Internet connect and a cutting-edge security solution with one-stop-shopping will bode well for Efficient Networks. Netscreen has four firewall appliance products: the Netscreen-5, the Netscreen-10, the Netscreen-100, and the Netscreen-1000. Product Throughput Mbps Max Simultaneous Connections Max IPSec Tunnels Netscreen-5 10 Mbps 1,000 10 Netscreen-10 10 Mbps 4,000 100 Netscreen-100 100 Mbps 128,000 1,000 Read More
Nothing Succeeds Like Success(Factors) - Part 2
Part 1 of this series introduced SuccessFactors, a public provider of software as a service (SaaS) talent management solutions. My post first analyzed the

xp sp 2 firewall  data, which can be exported to spreadsheets for additional offline analysis, if necessary. Recent HR Management Forays The recently added Employee Central module provides a single point to manage  human resources (HR) -related employee information, enable employees to collaborate and share information across the organization, and empower business leaders to leverage key talent insights to make better business decisions. This single global system of record ensures a deeper understanding of employees for Read More
1 Little GB, 2 Little GB, ..., 10 Little Gigabit
The 10 Gigabit Ethernet Alliance announced that its membership has increased to over 50 companies in less than three months.

xp sp 2 firewall  bandwidth increases and applications expand, one will be delighted to know that a standard will drive everything in the same direction. The 10 Gigabit Alliance's undertaking is focused on having total support and implementation of IEEE 802.3ae the 10 Gigabit Ethernet standard by March 2001. Vendors such as Cisco, Extreme, and Foundry have already targeted the fourth quarter of 2000 to start delivering 10 Gigabit products to their customers. Standardized or not the user community is not concerned that the Read More
The Wizardry of Business Process Management - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series provided a lengthy discussion about business process management’s (BPM's) necessary parts-and-parcels, and the software category’s

xp sp 2 firewall  presentation that attempted to explain the essence of BPM via a bit of humor and the metaphor of the classic “Wizard of Oz” movie. Namely, on March 23, 2009, Alan Trefler, Pegasystems’ founder and chief executive officer (CEO), gave his luncheon keynote presentation at the Gartner BPM Summit in San Diego . His theme was “Don’t just Survive…Capitalize.” Trefler began by reminding the audience that in today’s turbulent economy we are all “not in Kansas anymore,” and may just need Read More

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