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Hummingbird Releases Genio 4.0 With Improved Support for Oracle, Business Objects, Cognos, and NCR
Hummingbird Communications Ltd. (NASDAQ:

y2k bike  move into the post Y2K era, IT leaders are looking to implement the business-critical applications that have been postponed. Topping the list of these projects are e-commerce and data warehousing initiatives which both share the challenge of massive data volumes and the need for integration with existing environments. Genio Suite version 4.0 extends Hummingbird's open metadata strategy, by including wizards for importing and viewing Business Objects' Universes and Cognos' Catalogs, in addition to

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Software Functionality Revealed in Detail

We’ve opened the hood on every major category of enterprise software. Learn about thousands of features and functions, and how enterprise software really works.

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Invensys Production Solutions - Can Historic Strengths And The 'Protean Boost' Overcome Its Liabilities? Part Two: Liabilities, Strategy, and User Recommendations

Invensys must communicate its successes and strategy to the marketplace, and must aggressively invest in customer satisfaction, marketing, and sales. IPS must convince customers and prospects that it is here to stay; while the functionally rich products are great advantages, many other considerations make some customers and prospects perceive these solutions a risk.

y2k bike  had sadly missed the Y2K compliance buying frenzy at the time that had benefited most of other vendors. Marcam Solutions had sought to alleviate the integration issue with partnerships with PeopleSoft and CODA for financials, and by pursuing the co-existence strategy with SAP , but only with measly success because the trend of most customers at the time was to buy a transaction foundation framework from a single vendor from the green field' situation. While the company has meanwhile bolstered its Read More

A User Centric WorkWise Customer Conference

WorkWise's business model is all about 'loving the customer'. A recent visit to their Customer Conference showed us the business plan in action. Is it time for other companies to consider this model?

y2k bike  continued support for all Y2K enabled versions of TCM on all current platforms (Windows, Open VMS and Unix). Although not announced at the conference, customers discussed WorkWise's array of offerings geared to existing users included refreshes and upgrades, modifications, application and technical consulting and a variety of training, including refresher, courses. Application enhancements include Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) directions plus increased Access to Read More

Is Your Financial Transaction Secure?

The FDIC imposes IT integrity ratings on financial institutions. These ratings are known as URSIT ratings and are not disclosed to the public. There is no easy discernable way to know how safe your on-line transactions are.

y2k bike  too bogged down with Y2K concerns to take any action on system and network security. The FDIC further concedes that after the 1st of the year, the FDIC will step up the amount of person power put into managing system and network security regulations for financial institutions. In the meantime, the FDIC assures people, All deposits are insured by the FDIC, so the public should not be concerned with URSIT ratings. Market Impact For corporations planning on going on-line and signing up with a financial Read More

i2 Third Quarter Results Are The Usual Story

i2 Technologies completes another stellar quarter. Does success ever become boring?

y2k bike  B2B markets now that Y2K fears are a memory and companies have a better understanding of the direction that Internet business is heading. User Recommendations The reach of i2 TradeMatrix into B2B and B2C marketplaces coupled with its success in most of the major industry verticals means that users should consider i2 a candidate vendor for a wide variety of corporate initiatives where supply chain optimization forms the centerpiece. Contrary to its marketing message, i2 does not cover the same territory Read More

SOA From a Management Perspective: Part One

The big buzzword in enterprise-wide package software is service-oriented architecture (SOA). SOA promises to solve a company's software ills, making life easier for information technology departments. This research note takes a look at this new architecture and highlights some concerns.

y2k bike  After digesting the over-hyped Y2K phenomenon, many companies are adopting a reasonable wait-and-see attitude before taking another bite of the technology apple. Can you blame them? What Are the Benefits of SOA? Be assured that the benefits of SOA are significant and achievable, and deserve careful evaluation and analysis. Reviewing some of the more substantial benefits justifies this cautious stance. Service Reusability Nowadays programs are rarely written from scratch. Typically, you start with a Read More

Resurrection, Vitality And Perseverance Of Former ERP 'Goners' Part Three: Market Impact

By being back from edge of the cliff, on a comeback trail under rejuvenated management, and with pruned but also more viable product sets, these vendors have become de facto trend setters as once high-flying and almost deceased and then again rebounding mid-market ERP vendors.

y2k bike  only asseverated by a Y2K problem caused impulse downturn in the entire ERP market combined with ensued investor pessimism about technology stocks (i.e., with then unpopular ERP association in particular). Baan, on one hand, had struggled for over two years to independently turn around its flailing business at the end of 1990s. Management blunders exhibited in distrustful accounting practices and subsequent loss of confidence, and its megalomaniac strategy of creating holistic enterprise applications by Read More

Company Makes Good On B2B Collaboration

Logility recently announced financial results for the third quarter ended January 31, 2000 and seemingly escaped the market turmoil that pummeled other enterprise applications vendors.

y2k bike  unscathed through the recent Y2K market turmoil. Although revenues and earnings show a marked decline amid rising expenses four quarters ago (Figure 1), Logility has rebounded to near record revenue levels, outpacing the storm that wreaked havoc on Manugistics and ERP poster child, Baan. The strong quarter performance indicates growing market acceptance for Logility's collaborative forecasting and replenishment planning applications available for in-house deployment or hosted through i-Community. Though Read More

The Many Flavors of Application Software Outsourcing

Many companies are looking to outsource development and maintenance of their application software. Common reasons that companies outsource application software are to reduce their costs, improve quality, obtain flexible staffing levels, and obtain improved service and support so they can focus on their core competence such as, designing clothes, managing equity portfolios, or running hospitals. Choosing whether to outsource or not is a strategic decision for a company. Once a company has decided to outsource, however, it must still choose an outsourcing approach that best fits it needs. This paper will describe the many different options for application software outsourcing, including the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative.

y2k bike  software to handle the Y2K requirements. Regardless of which approach a company decided to take, almost every company was working on its IT applications and demand for resources grew steadily. During this time and continuing into the 2000s, labor costs for IT resources in the US and Europe spiraled higher at a rapid rate as a direct result of the demand created by Y2K, the dot-com bubble, and the rush to get on the Internet bandwagon. Today, there is a much larger reliance on IT applications, and IT Read More

The Empires Strike Back - Part II: The Likes Of IBM, EDS, And CSC In E-Business

In the past year the traditional consulting houses have executed major initiatives to counter the challenges of the pure play and fringe market invaders. Being big doesn't mean being slow, as these Behemoths have demonstrated – once they tuned in to the new market realities.

y2k bike  not react partly because Y2K was heavy on their agendas, and the skill set for the web was a very different proposition initially to the skill set for Y2K fixes. As Y2K requirements have passed (two milestones in fact were passed allowing easing of Y2K in recent months - January 1, 2000 and February 29, 2000), and Y2K watches have ticked away without much incident, a number of items have come to the fore. To give credit where credit is due, the traditional consulting houses all have been looking beyond Read More

Rapid Prototyping Or Simply Over-hyping

Having to install an entire suite of software before the strike of Y2K may have made rapid prototyping impractical. However, because we now have the luxury of taking on projects with narrower scopes and a return to popularity of the 'best of breed' solutions, rapid prototyping should be considered as a viable approach for implementation. Accordingly, it is important to understand what can make rapid prototype projects successful, thereby possibly enabling your organization to achieve expected results more quickly.

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Merger Mania At Its Extremes

Other than for the peculiarity of a ‘love triangle’, the merger of SynQuest, Viwlocity and Tilion might be a harbinger of SCEM’s annexation by the realm of SCM, in which case, with a similar phenomenon of ERP absorbing MRP over a decade ago, history would repeat itself.

y2k bike  both the pre- and post-Y2K conundrum, dotcom's bubble, and protracted economic slowdown draught, to keep themselves abreast of the growing demands on the underlying collaborative real-time product architecture and functionality breadth. Further, customers remain vendor viability cautious and eager investors are becoming an endangered species. For smaller vendors, attaining these goals under their own steam certainly remains a tall order since many vendors have also lately been reducing staffing levels in Read More

Talent (Human Capital) Management and Sports? Sign Me Up, Please! - Part 1

Sure, by now most of us have heard about the importance of strategically managing talent and human capital, but how many of us are convinced that companies truly buy into those lofty concepts in droves? Some of us will even have read McKinsey’s now classic study from the late 1990 that coined the term “the war for talent.” In other words, now in the new millennium, we find ourselves in the

y2k bike  and expense). Now, post Y2K, the competitive battlefront is for the best people because they are the true creators of value. Nowadays, we are in the age of talent management and human capital management (HCM).  Right? Well, during these days of Wall Street crumbling and “main street” companies struggling to compete globally, it is easy to be cynical about concepts like HCM, while watching on cable TV how ten thousands of former employees are carrying boxes and vacating once coveted premises. Read More

New Venture Fund to Propel XML

Internet entrepreneur David Poole announced the creation of a venture capital fund targeted to XML-based companies.

y2k bike  some organizations will rival Y2K remediation for the way it touches every aspect of the business. However, only companies like publishers whose main business is their documents will need to introduce XML in the accelerated time-pressures of their Y2K work. Although the forces that will cause a massive move to a document interchange standard like XML exist at present, the tools are not available and the pressure is not yet primarily market-driven. Market pressures will come from the need to implement Read More

Wrong ERP Demise Predictions Have (Only Partly) Created Skills Shortage

With so much frenzy surrounding e-business and CRM applications, ERP may be a far cry from its halcyon days. However, ERP implementation skills are still in demand, particularly as a foundation and a facilitator to other sexier applications.

y2k bike  still be recuperating from theY2K hangover, the predictions of its demise have been greatly exaggerated, according to organizations trying to conduct staff recruitment in the field. Mary-Sue Rogers, who heads PriceWaterhouseCoopers ' (PWC) UK technical solutions team for the consumer and industrial products sector, confirms: We have been very busy since March. Post-Y2K, a lot of clients have kicked in with major ERP implementations. While many of these are driven by big business changes such as mergers Read More