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PowerCerv Finally Overpowered By The '02 Hurricane Season
PowerCerv, a long languishing mid-market enterprise applications vendor, having been unsuccessful in its repeated attempt to revitalize itself under own steam

y2k bike  have been feeling the Y2K-caused pinch that morphed afterwards into seemingly never-ending economic slump. Lately, the company simply could not compete with many larger vendors considered as more viable in a tough environment for all technology companies, with customers becoming ever more vendor viability cautious and eager investors vanishing. Its situation has been additionally exacerbated by its late market entry, resulting with low presence (around 200 customers) in an already cramped marketplace and Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » y2k bike

Is Your Financial Transaction Secure?
The FDIC imposes IT integrity ratings on financial institutions. These ratings are known as URSIT ratings and are not disclosed to the public. There is no easy

y2k bike  too bogged down with Y2K concerns to take any action on system and network security. The FDIC further concedes that after the 1st of the year, the FDIC will step up the amount of person power put into managing system and network security regulations for financial institutions. In the meantime, the FDIC assures people, All deposits are insured by the FDIC, so the public should not be concerned with URSIT ratings. Market Impact For corporations planning on going on-line and signing up with a financial Read More...
IMI, IBM Take First Step in Third Quarter
Six months after announcing its partnership with IBM, Industri-Matematik posted positive license growth in its third fiscal quarter ended January 31, 2000 but

y2k bike  they diverted funds to Y2K remediation. Its long reliance on Oracle's sales channel left IMI unable to effectively win business on its own. The rise in license revenues is a sign of hope, but does not indicate a return to long term growth for IMI. Its win at Albert Heijn helps validate its arrangement with IBM and can lead to additional implementations in the European retail sector, but may not help IMI in the United States. IMI suffers from a lack of visibility outside Europe, although it derives over Read More...
Symix Systems’ Slips Into Red During Its E-Commerce Transition
On April 20, Symix Systems, Inc. announced financial results for the third quarter and nine months ended March 31, 2000. The operating loss is attributed to the

y2k bike  systems market following the Y2K-caused slowdown. Figure 1 Significant strategic advancements made this quarter include the launch of Symix's Frontstep, Inc. e-business subsidiary; the acquisition of eCRM provider Profit Solutions, Inc.; a strategic partnership with Commerce One, Inc.; and the Company's on-time delivery of its eSyte e-business software suite. According to Symix these e-business initiatives contributed more than $2 million to third quarter revenue in business-to-business eCommerce Read More...
Merger Mania At Its Extremes
Other than for the peculiarity of a ‘love triangle’, the merger of SynQuest, Viwlocity and Tilion might be a harbinger of SCEM’s annexation by the realm of SCM,

y2k bike  both the pre- and post-Y2K conundrum, dotcom's bubble, and protracted economic slowdown draught, to keep themselves abreast of the growing demands on the underlying collaborative real-time product architecture and functionality breadth. Further, customers remain vendor viability cautious and eager investors are becoming an endangered species. For smaller vendors, attaining these goals under their own steam certainly remains a tall order since many vendors have also lately been reducing staffing levels in Read More...
A CFO's Guide For Managing IT
In the post Y2K era, many companies have turned to the CFO to oversee the IT function with the CIO or head of IT reporting to the CFO. IT may look

y2k bike  because of a non-event. Y2K didn't really happen, at least in sense of the disaster that was predicted. IT did its job. For corporate boards and executives not really comfortable with technology in the first place, the Y2K non-event has had the practical consequence of moving IT activities from a headline to a footnote on the corporate report. As a result IT, which had gained a seat at the Executive Committee during the Internet/Y2K bubble, started to be relegated back to a staff function. Often, in all Read More...
i2 Technologies: Is the Boom Over?
Seemingly unaffected by market downturns and Y2K, i2 Technologies regularly astounds the enterprise applications software industry with record-breaking

y2k bike  revival now that the Y2K bug has been exterminated, a greater source of revenue may not be gained until its mid market offerings take hold. Other factors, such as competitive pressures from ERP vendors with like SAP (APO) and Oracle are bound to intensify over the next few years. Some sales execution problems experienced in the first half of 1999 are also to blame for the decline. These problems were highlighted by Sidhu after i2's second quarter and stemmed from sales personnel being unable to sell Read More...
Windows 2000 Releases to Manufacturing - Finally
Microsoft Corp. said Wednesday it finished work on its long-awaited Windows 2000 operating system (a/k/a Win2K), wrapping up a long and painful development

y2k bike  However, because of recent Y2K efforts, a number of IS/IT managers (in banks, for example) want to take a brief break from pushing their companies into system-wide upgrades. The Win2K upgrade is characterized by some as much more than your typical upgrade - a company's enterprise-wide network structure would probably have to be altered. The proliferation of yeah-it's-expensive-but-you'll-eventually-get-your-money's-worth articles also highlights the apparent need to sell the market on the benefits. Read More...
Evaluating Enterprise Software - Business Process or Feature/Function-Based Approach? All the above, Perhaps?
Owing to learning from the past experiences and to the help of specialized selection service providers, selecting an enterprise package has to a degree, become

y2k bike  need. Summary Prior to Y2K many IT shops had suffered from years of budget neglect. Technology had not been upgraded; software processes had continually been held together with Band-Aids and patches. With the potential, but unrealized, repercussions of Y2K, the mentality was to replace, not rewrite. Under this scenario and the above assumptions, looking at software from a business process perspective can make a lot of sense. Your current software environment is untenable, indefensible, and Read More...
Manugistics Faces Uncertain Future
Formerly the SCP market leader, Manugistics has witnessed its market position erode steadily over the last several years in favor of newcomers to the market

y2k bike  revenues: Despite spending on Y2K remediation, companies do have cash available for supply chain projects as evidenced by i2's recently announced record revenue growth in 2Q99. At 42% of total, Manugistics' license revenues are 10% below their 5-year average. Pursue technology partnerships that allow entry into the CRM market: Manugistics has fallen behind other players in capitalizing on the CRM movement, although it has a vast, leverageable customer base. Manugistics has shown its willingness to Read More...
Software Selection: A Third Alternative Part Two: Seller's Perspective and the Third Alternative
Failed projects do not bode well for the vendor. It can cause their sales cycle costs only to rise even more and their reputation to suffer or, at least, become

y2k bike  priorities. Summary Prior to Y2K many software applications had suffered from years of neglect. Software processes had been held together with band-aids patches. Y2K changed this paradigm into a replace, not rewrite, mentality. Accordingly, evaluating and selecting software has become a more common occurrence for IT and user departments. The common focus that both buyers and sellers share in this process, is to do it as confidently and efficiently as possible. The third alternative for selecting Read More...
Is There a Magic Pill for Web Performance Problems?
The growth of sites and users on the Internet is beginning to create concerns about performance and the effects of any performance problems on E-commerce.

y2k bike  We predict that once Y2K is no longer the permanent technology news item, Internet performance will take its place. With more companies looking to use rich media and streaming technologies, either within their websites or within their ads, performance will become an increasingly important issue especially to entertainment and shopping sites. This will add impetus to businesses and venture capitalists to invest in fundamentally different approaches to reducing delay. One approach that is available to Read More...
IMI Sees Red In Dawn Of Fiscal 2001
Industri-Matematik had no complaints about its performance during the first quarter of fiscal 2001 in spite of lower revenues and earnings.

y2k bike  dropped 27%. IMI blamed Y2K remediation spending among clients in its core CPG market segment for its lower revenues in fiscal 2000, but this is unlikely to be a factor today. Though the first quarter has usually not been IMI's strongest in revenues, the company is plainly continuing to grapple with sales execution. John Geraci's reappointment may indicate the company is unsatisfied with his ability to close deals or, at least feels that a larger sales organization (with Geraci in an operations role) is Read More...
Fourth Shift Tightens Belt To Weather The Drought
Fourth Shift has been marking time. While Q3 2000 was almost breakeven due to a rigid cost curbing exercise, the unnerving fact is the 24% license revenue

y2k bike  a survival mode. The Y2K-caused malaise does not seem to be letting up any time soon. The improvement over the last quarter is merely attributable to a well-exercised rigid cost curbing exercise; the picture becomes more depressing when the comparison is made to a year ago. The license revenue declined a hefty 24%, while the service and support revenue dropped 5% (See Figure 1). However, while it is unnerving that the revenue pipeline seems to be drying up, the company has been managing to curb cash Read More...
Catalyst International to Tread Water With SAP Through 2000
While Catalyst should be congratulated for improving profitability, the Wall Street and user communities were clearly expecting to see more revenue from its

y2k bike  of 1999 due to Y2K), it clearly was less than Catalyst originally expected. Catalyst faces a Herculean task in educating SAP's sales force about its WMS products, which is critical for enabling them to sell them efficiently without placing an unmanageable burden on Catalyst. In the meantime, Catalyst has scrambled to develop new Internet offerings, specifically its online marketplace offering, Catalyst-Exchange, to address a conspicuous gap in its Web strategy (see TEC note, Catalyst International ). Read More...

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