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Earthlink Leads the Way in DSL Security
DSL providers speed up their customers' Internet access, however, at the same time they also expose these customers to enormous security risk. Earthlink has

zone alarm  Defender, Netscreen-10, SonicWall 10, Zone Alarm, Comsocks, and CyberArmor. Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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A How-to Guide for a Radio Frequency Identification Site Survey
As organizations prepare for a radio frequency identification (RFID) implementation, they often don't understand the preliminary work necessary to begin the

zone alarm  No AEN in a zone qualifies as a passing mark for a possible reader location. Step 3 . Monitor the area for signal strengths and frequencies for a minimum of 24 hours to verify that no occasional, errant frequencies occur that can affect the reader's operation. If a like frequency is detected, a new location should be found for the reader prior to rollout. Step 4. Place the reader once the results of the criteria are collected and validated. Certain spots may be more frequency-rich than others; this will Read More
Baan E-Commerce: a Wing, a Prayer & a Single Platform
Baan hopes e-Enterprise will put them on the e-commerce map.

zone alarm  of the manufacturing comfort zone. Create or link to a digital marketplace allowing customers to benefit from mass purchasing capabilities. Define and publish a long-term e-business plan. User Recommendations For new clients considering Baan's complete product offerings keep in mind this company is in trouble. We suggest you evaluate the features, price, and corporate viability of all vendors before making a selection. For existing Baan clients, we suggest keeping the E-Enterprise solution on your lon Read More
Candle Releases New Command Center App for IBM MQSI 2
IBM has announced a four-year, $200 million investment to attempt to make it more cost effective and easier for companies to manage data on IBM S/390 enterprise

zone alarm  is an eight time zone difference. Read More
SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI for Business Intelligence Certification Report
SAP's business intelligence solution, SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI, is now TEC Certified. The certification seal is a valuable indicator for organizations who

zone alarm  are labeled competitive. Dominant Zone SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI has five modules in the Dominant zone: Data Integration; Support; Analytics; Reporting; and Analysis and Data Warehousing. It comes as no surprise that SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI exceeds the average functionality by almost 20 rating points, with five of the six modules in the Dominant zone. Business Objects has been a leader in the BI space for almost a decade; with its technology background and support from SAP, it has consolidated with Read More
Improving Customer Engagement with Social CRM
In a previous post I discussed how the social revolution impacted customer relationship management (CRM) and underlined that while processes designed to derive

zone alarm  in a much desired zone of collaboration where notions regarding customer experience and satisfaction can be redefined on an ongoing basis. Read More
Provia Tackles RFID in a Twofold Manner Part Five: 3PL Support and SCE Optimization
FourSite 4.4 is an upgrade of its fulfillment solution oriented towards third party logistics (3PL) providers. ViaOptimize, is an advanced step for companies

zone alarm  from the dock doors. Zone and location configuration are thereby automatically configured by product line. The automated re-slotting execution can be run daily, weekly, or monthly, while users have a rich graphical slotting representation on the screen. Having faster moving items closer to the dock doors reduces the travel time required to pick those items and increases the productivity of your labor force. Thus, automating the re-slotting process should allow for continual optimization, rather than Read More
When Provider's Value Is Not In Synch With Customer's Value
Embedded knowledge exists in the supply chain to understand and unlock customer value. Integrating the chain is crucial to aligning the goals of customers and

zone alarm  understood. Yet the dissatisfied zone needs a lot of work. One interesting discussion occurred about chemical services versus chemical sales in automotive. The ultimate goal is not to buy and store chemicals, but rather to have just enough to manufacture the car. Chemical service provides and charges for that outcome and managing the supply chain, the disposal, recycle etc., and only charges based on each manufactured car. Clearly, a lot of data drives this process—end to end. Conclusions Integrating Read More
How Has Made2Manage Systems Been Managing Itself?
On July 25, Made2Manage Systems, Inc., a provider of enterprise business systems for small and midsize manufacturers, and Click Commerce, Inc., the provider of

zone alarm  regardless of language, time zone or currency. Made2Manage Systems will use this Enterprise Channel Management technology to deliver customer care, commerce and collaboration to small and mid-sized manufacturers. Together, Made2Manage and Click Commerce will provide the manufacturers' customers the ability to generate request for quotations, place orders online, search product catalogues and many other services. This new service will help manufacturers improve customer satisfaction by making it easy for Read More
Oracle E-Business Suite (12.1) for Human Resource Management Certification Report
Oracle E-Business Suite (12.1) is now TEC Certified for online comparison of human resource management (HRM) solutions in TEC's Evaluation Centers. The

zone alarm  Capabilities , Non Competitive Zone of HRM , Managing Human Resource , Human Resource Management System , HRMS , Managing HR , Non Competitive Zone of HRM , Strategic Human Resources , Tier-One HRM System's Interface , HR Functions , HR Staffing , Workforce Service Delivery , HRM Checklist , Compare HRM Solutions , Best HRM System , Human Resource Performance Software , HRM Average Solutions , Oracle HRM Benefits , Asset Inventory Software . Table of Contents   TEC Product Certification Report Benefits Read More
Retail Market Dynamics for Software Vendors Part One: Software Requirements for Retail
Although the retail and wholesale customers have typically invested a low proportion of their total revenues in information technology, retail industry leaders

zone alarm  store space clustering and zone analytics. In the case of CPG retailers, it includes the need to include supplier trade funds and deal management functionality. They also emphasize an easy integration capability so that this fully analyzed and optimized pricing data can be deployed quickly. For more information on some of these approaches, see Profit Optimization—Can We Possibly Argue with the Objective? Some retailers that have already made significant investments in data warehouse and analytic Read More
Case Study: Air International US
Since 1996, Air International US (AIUS) has used an outsourced manufacturing strategy instead of maintaining its own facilities. For the first few years

zone alarm  challenges associated with time zone and language differences. For example, both AIUS and AI headquarters use a component from AI Korea—but they use different versions. By making it easy to ensure that each office orders the right version, Arena lowers the risk of missed ship dates and other costly delays. The change implementation process is one-third faster , which AIUS expects will mean an annual savings of 30% of the costs related to that process. Without paper documents to review or lengthy Read More
Outsourcing Security Part 3: Selecting a Managed Security Services Provider
As the final article in a three-part series on outsourcing security, the following article provides guidelines for selecting a dependable managed security

zone alarm  Security Part 3: Selecting a Managed Security Services Provider Introduction It's the middle of the night. A shadowed figure crouches by the window. He retrieves a menacing instrument and begins fiddling with the lock. But the intruder won't get far: the homeowners have contracted a security provider to monitor a tight alarm system-or so they thought. Actually, the security company has recently gone out of business and failed to notify its customers. As the intruder makes his way into the Read More
Will a Tool Manufacturer and a Supply Chain Software Vendor
The merger of traditional brick-and-mortar manufacturer Illinois Tool Works with Internet-based Click Commerce is puzzling, but has some method to the madness

zone alarm  in languages and time zones, which are additional barriers that traditional methods cannot easily overcome. Yet, increasing market and supply chain complexity motivates companies to improve operations and communications with their trading partner community. The continued growth of outsourced manufacturing, an increased focus on low-cost international materials procurement, and heavy market reliance on vendor- or supplier-managed inventory programs to control costs all require a solid infrastructure for Read More
Siemens Product Development Solutions for Process Industries
Process manufacturing companies have traditionally been slow to adopt product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, mostly because they have not had many

zone alarm  Product Development Solutions for Process Industries Process manufacturing companies have been slow to adopt product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, mostly because they have not had many alternatives to choose from. This has not been the case for discrete manufacturers, for which there have been a wide variety of offerings since the late 90s. PLM for process manufacturers only started to truly emerge in the early 2000s. Since then, all major PLM vendors have been offering process PLM, but Read More

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