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About TEC Certified RFP Templates

All RFP templates are created by Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) in collaboration with leading software vendors and consultants. The criteria listings in the RFP templates are matched against features and functions submitted by vendors and are included in TEC's knowledge bases. The knowledge bases are accessed by users to compare software products through TEC's network of evaluation centers.

Certified Criteria

The criteria used to describe the functionality available in each area (ERP, CRM, etc.) are certified by TEC analysts as being the most complete and up-to-date available—and correspond to the combined feature set of the leading commercially available software products. These RFP templates provides IT project managers with a full spectrum of criteria descriptions that can be prioritized during the requirements gathering, and the RFI, and RFP phases. They also act as a gap analysis template comparing existing system functionality with a proposed new system. They can be used as a menu of new functionality available that is available through the products listed in the TECs evaluation centers.

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