Order Management RFI/RFP Template

420 Criteria

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The Order Management RFI/RFP Template lists and describes 420 features and functions found in Order Management software solutions. This Template can help you save time, control costs, and communicate clearly with vendors at nearly every stage of your Order Management software selection projects.

Features and functions included in this Template:
  • Order Promising
  • Inventory Management
  • Sourcing
  • Execution Visibility
  • Inbound and Assembly Coordination or Multi-site Changing
  • Shipping and Outbound
  • OM-Specific Technology
  • Product Technology

This functional and technical requirement set template covers industry-standard functional criteria of that can help you easily gather and prioritize your business needs in a simple and categorized excel document. More than a RFP template, it is a working document that serves as a knowledge base reference throughout the life-span of your software project.

Use this template to gather your requirements, build RFIs and RFPs, and track the progress of your software implementation.

Gather Your Requirements Quickly and Effectively

  • Identify and prioritize the features and functions you need instead of building a list from scratch.
  • Easily add your company's unique requirements.
  • Find out what features and functions vendors support, and how they support them.

Collect Clear RFI and RFP Responses

  • Improve vendor participation by issuing RFIs that vendors can understand, and respond to easily.
  • Use RFI responses to create lists of requirements for your RFPs or requests for quotation (RFQs).
  • Make sure that vendors understand and can support all your requirements.

Eliminate Implementation Surprises

  • Get a clear picture of any required customizations.
  • Help vendors accurately cost required development work.
  • Compare your existing systems to the winning solution (gap analysis).

All of TEC's RFI/RFP Templates are delivered to your in-box as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets so you can easily share and customize them.

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