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Portal Plays Soothe Pain of Divorce

Yahoo tossed Inktomi’s shoes but left the door open for a 'just friends' arrangement behind closed corporate doors. Meanwhile, Inktomi delivers behind the biggest closed door of them all, and doesn’t want a tip.

ak emas olu turucu  portal venture. Corporate Yahoo takes Yahoo and partner Tibco Service behind the corporate firewall with a fee-based product that will present corporate information in combination with selected feeds of Yahoo''s currently available content such as weather, news and stock quotes. The logic motivating Yahoo''s entry into the portal space seems to be that employees won''t visit a corporate portal for the corporate information they need to do their jobs without access to a wide range of the services that are Devamı…

KXEN, An Important New Asset in the Evolution of SAP Analytics

A couple of weeks ago when I was on briefed on KXEN, the predictive analytics technology provider, I was completely unaware of the deal that was being struck behind the scenes between KXEN and the German software giant SAP, which culminated in KXEN’s acquisition by SAP. The more I think about it, the more this seems to me to be another impactful acquisition by SAP, with KXEN serving as a key

ak emas olu turucu  Other interesting features that make KXEN’s InfiniteInsight a solution to consider, for those organizations with predictive analytics needs, are a set of basic but strong business-focused offers: Scorer. For building in-database scoring functionality in major database platforms. Factory. An innovative approach for managing models (from building, to maintaining, to refreshing). Social Network Analysis. KXEN’s social analysis application for maximizing your social network analysis capabilities. Devamı…

SAP Weaves Microsoft .NET And IBM WebSphere Into Its ESA Tapestry Part Two: Market Impact

With SAP NetWeaver and the Enterprise Services Architecture, SAP will have delivered the blueprint for turning Web services from a concept into business reality of uniting hardware, information, and software platforms & applications.

ak emas olu turucu  Two: Market Impact P.J. Jakovljevic - March 6, 2003 Market Impact In January SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) announced its Enterprise Services Architecture ( ESA ), the blueprint for complete, services-based architecture business solutions, which should eventually allow companies to drive additional business value from existing increasingly legacy-status technology investments, and enabling, possibly for the first time, enterprise-scale usage of Web services. The announcement included a new product SAP NetWeaver, the Devamı…

Big Data News: TIBCO and Teradata Join Forces to Address Real-time Event Streams

What do you get when you mix the efforts of TIBCO, a provider of analytics and event-processing software, and Teradata, a provider of enterprise data warehouse and analytics solutions? You get a big data platform that can capture and simultaneously analyze historical and real-time data generated through real-time event streams. From now on, TIBCO Spotfire event analytics will be an important

ak emas olu turucu   Devamı…

TIBCO Spotfire Cloud

TIBCO® Spotfire is your secret weapon. You can create beautiful, interactive visualizations that will help you find the critical insights hiding in your data – fast. Spotfire gives you the tools to quickly and easily examine, organize, analyze and comprehend your data to see connections, patterns, and opportunities.

ak emas olu turucu   Devamı…

Microsoft Analyst Event Part Three: What Else Can Dynamics Do, and What’s Next?

Microsoft recently held its annual Dynamics Fall Analyst Event (FAE) in Redmond, Washington, where news about the company’s Windows 8 platform (see Part One of this blog series) and Microsoft Dynamics products (see Part Two of this blog series) was released. Among the demos and tours was info on some of the lesser-known data platforms and business intelligence (BI) capabilities for Microsoft

ak emas olu turucu  data analysts, business decision makers, and information workers. These users can easily create and interact with views of data from data models based on PowerPivot workbooks or tabular models deployed to SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services (SSAS) . At the event there was a great demo of Microsoft Dynamics AX leveraging PowerView for in-memory BI, and it was announced that PowerView will also be available as a plug-in to Excel 2013 . At the recent PASS Summit 2012 , the major conference for Microsoft SQL Devamı…

Oracle Further Orchestrates Its SOA Forays Part Two: Strategy

Oracle's vision of a complete collaborative e-Business solution requires a database strategy, an application server strategy, and an e-business strategy. Will users buy into this vision?

ak emas olu turucu  relational or object-based data, making it available as XML. Oracle Database 10g also uses RAC, which acts as a single database. Data does not need to be separated on multiple computers, since customers can simply add computers to the cluster. Subsequently customers can achieve significant cost savings by scaling up and eliminating fail-over servers, and by using lower-cost hardware as the basis of the cluster, instead of larger, more expensive computers. Oracle Database 10g also contains self-diagnosing Devamı…

New Release For Ariba’s Software

Busy as it’s been with wheeling and dealing, Ariba has still found the time to release an upgrade to its Ariba Buyer software.

ak emas olu turucu  Ariba recognizes this by making it possible for Ariba Buyer users to connect to other marketplaces. This is another trend that must accelerate, since many companies are being forced to participate in different marketplaces by different suppliers or customers. User Recommendations Clearly a user who was shying away from Ariba because of the lack of some of these features can now take a second look. But in general there''s no real change in options here. Larger enterprises will for the most part be choosing Devamı…

Will A Big Fish's Splash Cause Minnows' Flush Out Of The CRM Pond? Part Two: Challenges and User Recommendations

The ultimate success of Microsoft CRM will be judged by its follow-up releases. While Applix’ decision to abandon the CRM space and suddenly re-focus on BPM may be regarded as a not quite deliberate move, but rather as a sudden act of taking another plunge. Is the Applix move a harbinger of the future for smaller CRM vendors?

ak emas olu turucu  a sudden act of taking another plunge. From this vantage point, its expansion into CRM several years ago might now be considered as hasty and opportunistic (the company admits that the initially seemingly good idea of marrying CRM and analytics has never materialized). Given the idea has still been purported (see CRM Analytics Brings More Profitability ) and given some vendors'' success to cross-sell real-time analytics to e.g. capture and analyze customer interaction from multiple channels, such as Devamı…

Hewlett Packard Makes Multiple Moves in Middleware

In recent days, Hewlett Packard has announced agreements for strategic alliances, technology licensing, and/or joint product development of middleware products with TIBCO Software, IONA Technologies, and webMethods. Industry rumors indicate that HP is trying to acquire an EAI vendor to complete its push towards a complete application server product. Who will it be?

ak emas olu turucu  Packard Makes Multiple Moves in Middleware Hewlett Packard Makes Multiple Moves in Middleware M. Reed - May 16, 2001 Event Summary On April 30, Hewlett - Packard Company (NYSE:HWP) and TIBCO Software Inc . (NASDAQ:TIBX) announced an agreement to jointly develop products, solutions and marketing strategies for the service provider and telecommunications markets. Through a three-year collaboration agreement, the companies plan to support high-volume online transactions and to enhance the performance, Devamı…

TIBCO Spotfire Releases Version 5

TIBCO will be launching version 5 of Spotfire, its BI and analytics solution. With enhancements in its analysis engine and a newly re-architected in-memory engine, Spotfire 5 will boast improved performance when analyzing large amounts of data coming from sources such as Teradata and Oracle, and even data coming from Microsoft’s SQLServer Analysis service cubes. Lars Bauerle, vice

ak emas olu turucu  adopters as they pursue breakthrough business opportunities or look to avoid catastrophic risks. Spotfire 5 will also count with TIBCO’s Enterprise Runtime Engine for R, allowing Spotfire to use R language, one of the most popular statistical languages in the industry. Without a doubt, BI providers are racing to develop more efficient applications to address the challenge of big data analysis, with a focus on improving in-memory mechanisms to make them significantly faster. Devamı…

Tibco Takes a Pragmatic Approach to Multicasting

Tibco Software and Cisco Systems have co-designed a network delivery method called the PGM (Pragmatic General Multicast) protocol. PGM allows a server to transmit a multicast message only once. The PGM software will then ensure delivery to all of the intended recipients. This is a much-awaited improvement on the existing multicast protocol, where the server has to transmit the message to each client individually, which increases the load on the network.

ak emas olu turucu  Takes a Pragmatic Approach to Multicasting Tibco Takes a Pragmatic Approach to Multicasting M. Reed - January 3, 2001 Event Summary Tibco Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX), a provider of real-time infrastructure software for e-business, today announced it has delivered open source code for its Pragmatic General Multicast (PGM) networking software to software developers and content providers. PGM software ensures reliable simultaneous delivery of messages to many locations over the Internet or on a Devamı…

3 Big Trends in Data Visualization

The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see. —John W. Tukey. Exploratory Data Analysis. 1977. Data visualization is core to business intelligence (BI), as it’s the means by which data is communicated to the user. Results, alerts suggestions, or even more controlled guidance—all of these elements are passed through the data visualization

ak emas olu turucu  information workers and decision makers to consume data wherever they are. Smartphones initially posed a major challenge to vendors—to provide compelling visualizations on very small canvases—but with the emergence of tablet computers , the problem has pretty much disappeared. Now BI providers have bigger, more suitable canvases on which to provide their visualization tools to their data consumers. But new problems have arisen because of the great number and variety of mobile devices now in use: are Devamı…

Kronos Workforce Central Going Social

At KronosWorks 2013 Kronos unveiled the Kronos Workforce Central 7.0.2 suite, slated for release at the end of 2013. It will give employees and managers a forum to collaborate and build consensus, motivate and recognize employees (including gamification and rewards for sharing best practices), onboard and train employees (via sharing documents, images, and videos), and prevent potentially costly

ak emas olu turucu  the most popular option, making decision making more equitable.   Leveraging the tibbr ESN platform by Tibco (which supports both on-premises and cloud instances of Workforce Central), the social tool is a widget within the Workforce Central Navigator, integrated with the organization''s structure. Workforce Central will be able to create a social organization map that illustrates the relationships and roles across a complex and widely dispersed workforce. Activity streams enable collaboration with other Devamı…

Seeing Jitterbit Harmony Cloud Integration at SuiteWorld

Jitterbit recently announced general availability of its Harmony Integration Cloud Platform. The gist of the matter of the latest release is that it is now entirely in a public cloud (as an Amazon AWS instance) versus being in disparate private cloud platforms as it was previously.

ak emas olu turucu  via pesky coding, i.e., taking a “clicks not code” approach. Some notable features include the use of Jitterbit Automapper to intelligently map fields, the visual studio designer for processes, and the ability to add business logic with the built-in formula library (see illustration). See Jitterbit’s video for more details .   In addition to a plethora of legacy on-premises enterprise applications and devices, companies must increasingly deal with a spate of new applications leveraging cloud, mobil Devamı…