Epicor ERP系统9.05版本----适用于混合制造模式的认证报告

Epicor的产品Epicor ERP系统(9.05版本)已经成为TEC适用于混合模式制造的企业资源计划(ERP)解决方案在线评估中心的认证产品。下载该报告以获得深刻而全面的市场竞争性分析,了解产品亮点、产品分析和分析师点评。


11 Criteria for Selecting the Best ERP System Replacement

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An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is your information backbone, reaching into all areas of your business and value chain. That’s why replacing it can open unlimited business opportunities. The cornerstone of this effort is finding the right partner. And since your long-term business strategy will shape your selection, it’s critical that your ERP provider be part of your vision. 阅读更多……



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为了应对多地点的IT整合,Flakeboard公司决定实施企业解决方案。但是,它在软件选型过程中面临种种挑战。通过与加拿大技术评估中心的联手合作,Flakeboard成功地在预定的期限内选择了适合其需求的软件解决方案,Epicor Vantage。该系统可与所有设施和IT系统无缝集成。 阅读更多……
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