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 address of all it industry in mu7mbai


address of all it industry in mu7mbai  



TEC RFP模板为超过40个类别的软件罗列了数以千计的特性和功能。获取行业中最全面的要求/功能列表。


以成千上万的特点和功能为依据,一对一地比较各种领先的解决方案。 TEC比较报告给你比你所能发现其他任何地方都更详细的资料。



Typically, ERP systems designed for services industries offer modules that provide back-office support, customer relationship management, time management, expense management, resource management, and project management capabilities. Depending on the vertical market, additional industry-specific functionality may be included to address unique business requirements. Consequently, project-centric systems for accounting, architecture, construction, engineering, and professional services industries will support project management functionality; whereas health care, field service, distribution, and government systems will support functionality unique to those vertical markets. 

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The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as order processing and production scheduling. ERP began as a term used to describe a sophisticated and integrated software system used for manufacturing. In its simplest sense, ERP systems create interactive environments designed to help companies manage and analyze the business processes associated with manufacturing goods, such as inventory control, order taking, accounting, and much more. Although this basic definition still holds true for ERP systems, today its definition is expanding. Today’s leading ERP systems group all traditional company management functions (finance, sales, manufacturing, and human resources). Many systems include, with varying degrees of acceptance and skill, solutions that were formerly considered peripheral such as product data management (PDM), warehouse management, manufacturing execution system (MES), and reporting. During the last few years the functional perimeter of ERP systems began an expansion into its adjacent markets, such as supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence/data warehousing, and e-business, the focus of this knowledge base is mainly on the traditional ERP realms of finance, materials planning, and human resources. The foundation of any ERP implementation must be a proper exercise of aligning customers' IT technology with their business strategies, and subsequent software selection.

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Xperia Executiv Solution Series

The Xperia EXECUTIV Solution Series takes an evolutionary step beyond helping your company run business better, by providing a flexible, targeted approach to solving the most critical issues impacting companies today. Years of customer-driven development have produced an extensive base of functionalities, proven to provide exceptional value and to enable companies to optimize operations and maintain profitability. Xperia matches the exact set of functionalities required to meet a company's most pressing business and technical needs. Morevoer, when needed, it is possible to extend the solution's capabilities to provide even greater value using web technology. Xperia offers a full suite of applications that will run a business seamlessly. The solutions include all aspects of customer service, such as order entry, inventory allocation, credits, returns, invoicing, sales-rep commissions, and quotas. Xperia is a full production suite of applications for the importer as well as the domestic manufacturer; it includes component inventory; purchasing; bill of material (BOM) with product specifications and full cost sheet analysis; planning capabilities (automatic forecasts as well as manual); work-order issue, tracking, and receiving; container creation; vessels; bill of lading; customs; and container tracking and receiving. All the systems are integrated with the financials and create automatic feeds. Xperia offers accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, and letter of credit system as part of the financials. Additional system features include e-mail spooled file capabilities, history, security, and business-to-business (B2B) applications.  

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网站是非常公开的,把一个公司的品牌和形象,在网站上都可以看到。公司需要确保网站的访问者看到什么,他们有一个坚定的抓地力。 Rational软件和Vignette公司联手提供产品来做到这一点。

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address of all it industry in mu7mbai   阅读更多……



address of all it industry in mu7mbai   阅读更多……

Windows 2000的Bug修正发布

几乎6个月后向公众发布的Windows 2000上,微软公司已经发布了第一套bug修复,正式被称为Service Pack 1中。

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IBM Express-ES的偷拍欲望对于中小企业 第三部分:挑战和用户建议


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选择PLM Software的解决方案 第5部分 - 用户建议


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Cincom Enterprise Management

Cincom Enterprise Management是一个基于 Web 的企业资源规划(ERP)解决方案, 旨在帮助综合性制造商简化并整合他们所有关键的业务功能, 从而简化制造, 财务以及管理方面的流程.。它可以提高您的生产效率 - 通过各种优化和整合的资源配置以及有效处理大量工程变化的能力来实现.。减少阻碍 - 通过跟踪物料以符合相关规定来实现。提高市场份额 - 通过预测并提交更多有效的商业建议书来赢得用户。提升客户满意度 - 通过按客户的要求来配置最终产品实现此目标。增强项目可说明性- 通过按项目分离物料并跟踪成本来实现。

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