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TEC RFP模板为超过40个类别的软件罗列了数以千计的特性和功能。获取行业中最全面的要求/功能列表。


以成千上万的特点和功能为依据,一对一地比较各种领先的解决方案。 TEC比较报告给你比你所能发现其他任何地方都更详细的资料。



Typically, ERP systems designed for services industries offer modules that provide back-office support, customer relationship management, time management, expense management, resource management, and project management capabilities. Depending on the vertical market, additional industry-specific functionality may be included to address unique business requirements. Consequently, project-centric systems for accounting, architecture, construction, engineering, and professional services industries will support project management functionality; whereas health care, field service, distribution, and government systems will support functionality unique to those vertical markets. 


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With 1,300 clients in 100 countries, Meta4 manages more than 18 million people worldwide. The company offers human capital management (HCM) solutions, as well as human resources (HR) and payroll outsourcing services. Meta4's research and development (R&D) and innovation centers in Europe and the Americas develop HR and payroll applications to address both local and global needs for any company. Meta4 is headquartered in Madrid (Spain).

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谁的投资回报率是什么呢? 第二部分:通过索赔排序


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Human Capital Management

Today’s economy demands a more proactive, strategic role for the human resources (HR) department. As competition for critical resources intensifies, managers, employees, and candidates are demanding more from HR, moving beyond self-service to secure direct access to relevant information and processes whether in the office or on the road. Epicor Human Capital Management (HCM) provides these capabilities, and more, helping you to manage your globally dispersed workforce, improve HR processes, and enhance employee satisfaction for greater efficiency and cost savings across the enterprise. Epicor HCM automates your HR processes, enabling you to track, manage, and analyze all your employee data from application to retirement. Robust Recruitment Management, Benefits, and Absence tracking tools, all within this Human Resources Information System (HRIS) application, give you greater control over staffing, time off, and benefits administration, with paperless workflows designed to walk managers and employees through common setup and administration operations for improved efficiency. Powerful Performance Management, Reporting, and Analytics functionality helps you align your corporate goals with employee performance, and empowers you with flexible tools to analyze applicant and employee data for better workforce management. Available as on-demand software as a service (SaaS), hosted, or on-premise solution, Epicor HCM is HR software that can be deployed to meet your organizational requirements without compromising functionality or data integrity. To serve your international HR needs, this Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Web-based solution configures data fields to reflect the appropriate format based on employee location, as well as provides location-specific home pages delivering relevant communication and corporate standards. Epicor provides a robust set of flexible and configurable HR, payroll, and employee development software that does the following: offers greater total business value by streamlining the entire employee life cycle manages recruitment and resourcing, training administration, benefits programs, and performance management provides a wealth of information and advice to employees and candidates via direct access promotes operational efficiency by allowing the entire workforce to focus on key company objectives provides flexibility to deploy Epicor Payroll or connect to third-party payroll solutions delivers powerful business intelligence (BI) to enable strategic analysis of key business trends for better planning and informed decision making Epicor HCM solutions help you maximize the talent within your organization, by providing faster and more efficient people support. With customers in more than 150 countries, Epicor u

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根据荷兰一家咨询公司,Somers & Nelson,的最新研究,成功实施ERP的关键要素有20个。在本文中,我们主要为您介绍其中10个最重要的成功要素。

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华拓扩大X3和其“法国” 第2部分:未来


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混合型企业资源计划(中文版) RFI/ RFP模板

Financials, Human Resources, Discrete Manufacturing Management, Process Manufacturing Management, Inventory Management, Purchasing Management, Quality Management, Sales Management, Product Technology

pu withdrawn qty exceeded by 1 ea  Manufacturing Management Inventory Management Purchasing Management Quality Management Sales Management Product Technology This functional and technical requirement set template covers industry-standard functional criteria of Mixed-Mode Manufacturing (ERP) that can help you easily gather and prioritize your business needs in a simple and categorized excel document. More than a RFP template, it is a working document that serves as a knowledge base reference throughout the life-span of your Mixed-Mode 阅读更多……



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红帽表示,英特尔计划使Red Hat Linux的软件,可在电脑设计的功能强大的服务器,运行网站。

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商业策略,一个路线图,告诉我们如何的业务计划是成功的,并不能保证成功。战略执行需要做什么,该战略要求的业务流程 - 并把它做好。在当今的自动化的世界中,这些业务流程依赖于业务系统。因此,一个成功的业务战略和业务系统之间存在直接链接。差系统是一个频繁的一种商业策略的失败原因。

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稳定的专利纠纷庭外和解,Network Associates公司同意支付趋势科技1250万美元许可趋势的专利技术的成本。两家公司都声称自己是创新的电子信箱中的病毒扫描。

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微软Office 2000 SR-1添​​加到Windows家庭功能障碍

曾几何时,微软的产品只能使用第一个服务包发布之后。使用Microsoft Office 2000 SR-1,雷德蒙德证明,第二个服务包的魅力,现在。

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你知道你的组织需要主动安全,但你不知道这意味着什么。你繁忙的行政人员,你需要你的安全议程总结简而言之,但你什么都不知道信息安全。什么“to do”列表,你应该给你的CIO?

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财务软件包 RFI/ RFP模板

General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, Cost Accounting, Cash Management, Budgeting, Accounts Receivable, Financial Reporting, Project Accounting, Product Technology

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